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University of Science and Technology of China

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 27-Dec-2020 to 29-Dec-2020
Organizers: Shing Tung Yau, Shiu-Yuen Cheng, Sen Hu*, Mu-Tao Wang
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Past talks
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TueDec 2909:15Xiaoyi Cui 崔潇易Lie algebroid, deformation, and BV theories
TueDec 2909:15Daxin Xu/许大昕Drinfeld's lemma for F-isocrystals
TueDec 2909:15Yat-Hin SuenTropical Lagrangian multi-section and smoothing of locally sheaves over degenerated Calabi-Yau surfaces
TueDec 2909:15Xin Fu/傅鑫Geometric Estimates for Complex Monge-Ampere Equations
TueDec 2909:15Quoc hung NguyenThe Muskat equation is well-posed on the critical Sobolev space
TueDec 2909:15Zhiyuan Xu/许智源The Pólya conjecture and Li-Yau inequality for higher eigenvalues
TueDec 2909:15Kung-Chien Wu 吳恭儉Space-time behavior of the solution to the Boltzmann equation with soft potentials
TueDec 2909:15Dangzheng Liu/刘党政Phase transitions for infinite products of large non-Hermitian random matrices
TueDec 2908:15Yucai Su/苏育才A key Lemma related to 2-dimensional Jacobian conjecture
TueDec 2908:15Chong Zhang/张翀Regular supercuspidal representations and applications
TueDec 2908:15JinXin Xu/许金兴Reduction mod p proofs of some theorems in linear algebraic groups
TueDec 2908:15Li Lei/雷力Ancient solution of mean curvature flow of arbitrary codimension
TueDec 2908:15Hexi Ye/叶和溪Common prepreodic points and its application
TueDec 2908:15Yalong Cao/曹亚龙Gopakumar-Vafa type invariants for Calabi-Yau 4-folds
TueDec 2908:15Yinhua Xia/夏银华Structure preserving arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian discontinuous Galerkin methods
TueDec 2908:15Wenbo SunRecurrence theorem for multiplicative systems and applications
TueDec 2907:00Cuibo Jiang/ 姜翠波The analogue of  classical Schur-Weyl duality in VOAs
TueDec 2907:00Fu-Tsun Wei 魏福村On Kronecker terms over function fields
TueDec 2907:00Yueran Sun/孙悦然Big Picard Theorem on moduli spaces of polarized manifolds
TueDec 2907:00Xin Zhou 周鑫Existence of constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
TueDec 2907:00Meng Wang/ 王梦A note on the Asymptotic solutions for MHD systems
TueDec 2907:00Zhengyu Hu /胡正宇Minimal model theory for log canonical pairs
TueDec 2907:00Mingyi Hong 洪明毅Convergence Analysis of Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Family of Nonconvex Problems
TueDec 2907:00I-Ping Tu/杜憶萍2SDR for noisy high-dimensional images and application to Cryogenic Electron Microscopy
TueDec 2906:00Xin WanIwasawa main conjecture at bad primes
TueDec 2906:00Lu WangNonuniqueness in Mean Curvature Flow
TueDec 2906:00Jintai Ding/丁津泰Multivariate public key cryptosystems - Candidates for the Next Generation Post-quantum Standards
TueDec 2906:00Xu Shen/申旭Diamonds and p-adic period domains
TueDec 2903:00Nike SunMaximum independent sets on random regular graphs
TueDec 2903:00Yifeng LiuIsolation of trace formulae and application to automorphic periods
TueDec 2903:00Wenhao OuProjective manifolds whose tangent bundle contains a strictly nef subsheaf
TueDec 2903:00Linhui ShenLegendrian knots, Lagrangian fillings, and Cluster algebras
TueDec 2903:00Yang LiExotic Calabi-Yau metrics
TueDec 2903:00Yu-Wei FanStokes matrices, character varieties, and points on spheres
TueDec 2903:00Long ChenDiscrete Gradgrad and Divdiv Complex
TueDec 2903:00Runze LiA Tuning-free Robust and Efficient Approach to High-dimensional Regression
TueDec 2901:30Charlotte ChanFlag varieties and representations of p-adic groups
TueDec 2901:30Hsian-Hua TsengRoot constructions and Gromov-Witten theory
TueDec 2901:30Junyi XieOn the Zariski dense orbit conjecture
TueDec 2900:30Ziyang GaoBounding the number of rational points on curves
TueDec 2900:30Chao LiThe Beilinson-Bloch conjecture for unitary Shimura varieties
TueDec 2900:30Zhengwei LiuSubfactors--in Memory of Vaughan Jones
TueDec 2900:30Ming YuanComplexity of High Dimensional Sparse Functions
MonDec 2808:30Yau Shing-TungExistence of black hole due to GR and dynamics of particles around it
MonDec 2807:45Bin ShuSuper Vust theorem and a duality for principal finite W-superalgebras
MonDec 2807:45Weizhe ZhengWeil猜想、平展上同调和超积
MonDec 2807:45Qifeng LiThe VMRT structures and the deformation rigidity of rational homogeneous spaces
MonDec 2807:45Yongsheng ZhangOn the non-existence of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for minimal surface system
MonDec 2807:45Jinkai LiWell-posedness of entropy-bounded solutions of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with vacuum
MonDec 2807:45Xu HaoBergman kernel and quantization of Kahler manifolds
MonDec 2807:45Juyong ZhangAnderson Acceleration for First-Order Methods in Visual Computing
MonDec 2807:45Zhonggen SuFluctuations on Plancherel interger partitions around its limit shape
MonDec 2807:00Chunhe LiThe isometric embedding in rotationally symmetric warped product space:existence and uniqueness
MonDec 2807:00Jinbang YangComparison on p-adic Simpson correspondence and p-adic Riemann-Hilbert correspondence
MonDec 2807:00Lei ZhangPluricanonical system in positive characteristic
MonDec 2807:00Pu Zhang单态射范畴, Gorenstein 投射模和倾斜理论
MonDec 2807:00Xiangdi HuangGlobal classical and weak solutions to the three-dimensional full compressible Navier-Stokes system with vacuum and large oscillations
MonDec 2807:00Changzheng LiEigenvalue problems and quantum cohomology
MonDec 2807:00Bangti JinNumerical methods for time-fractional diffusion
MonDec 2807:00Kelin Xia/夏克林Persistent representations based deep learning for drug design
MonDec 2805:30Chenglong YuCalabi-Yau varieties via cyclic covers and arithmetic ball quotients
MonDec 2805:30Lei ZhangTwisted Automorphic Descent and the Global Gan-Gross-Prasad Conjecture
MonDec 2805:30Shuang MiaoThe stability of blow up solutions to critical Wave Maps beyond equivariant setting
MonDec 2805:30Hao WuCrossing probabilities in 2D critical lattice models
MonDec 2803:00Hao HuangInterlacing methods in Extremal Combinatorics
MonDec 2803:00Yihang ZhuTwisted orbital integrals and affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties
MonDec 2803:00Kuan-Wen LaiFourier-Mukai equivalences arising from Cremona transformations
MonDec 2803:00Siyuan LuRigidity of Riemannian Penrose inequality with corners and its implications
MonDec 2803:00Jonathan Wing Hong LukSingularities in general relativity
MonDec 2803:00Yu-Shen LinOn the comparison of the family Floer mirrors and GS/GHK Mirrors
MonDec 2803:00Jianguo LiuContact line dynamics for merging and splitting of droplets: gradient flow formulation and computations
MonDec 2803:00Yuxin ChenSolving Random Quadratic Systems of Equations Is Nearly as Easy as Solving Linear Systems
MonDec 2801:30Zongru LiMirror duality between fractional complete intersection Calabi--Yau spaces
MonDec 2801:30Rencang LiOrthogonal Multi-View Subspace Learning
MonDec 2801:30Xiaotong ShenLikelihood inference for a large causal network
MonDec 2801:30Mao ShengArithmetic semisimplicity theorem
MonDec 2800:30Samuel KouStatistical inference of dynamic systems via constrained Gaussian processes
MonDec 2800:30Junliang ShenCohomology of the moduli of Higgs bundles
MonDec 2800:30Yun Shisubschemes on some local toric Calabi-Yau threefolds
MonDec 2800:30Chao ZhangStratifications on good reductions of Shimura varieties
SunDec 2709:15Guodong Zhou/周国栋Formal deformations and cohomology theory of Rota-Baxter algebras of any weight
SunDec 2709:15Ping Xi/郗平Equidistribution of quadratic roots and applications to prime number theory
SunDec 2709:15Xin Lv/吕鑫The irregularity of trigonal fibrations
SunDec 2709:15Chao Xia/夏超A sharp lower bound for the first (nonzero) Steklov eigenvalue
SunDec 2709:15Huichun Zhang/张会春Some results on the Lipschitz Regularity of harmonic maps between singular spaces
SunDec 2709:15Qin Li/李勤Quantization of Kapranov $L_\infty$ structure and Bargmann-Fock sheaves on Kahler manifolds
SunDec 2709:15Jinshan Zeng/曾锦山On ADMM in Deep Learning: Convergence and Saturation-Avoidance
SunDec 2709:15Jianping Jiang/姜建平The high dimensional Ising model with free boundary conditions
SunDec 2708:30Fan Qin/覃帆Dual canonical bases and cluster algebras
SunDec 2708:30Miaofen Chen/陈苗芬Fargues-Rapoport conjecture in the non-basic case
SunDec 2708:30Chen Jiang/江辰Positivity in hyper kahler manifolds via Rozansky—Witten theory
SunDec 2708:30Wei Yuan/袁伟Volume comparison with respect to scalar curvature
SunDec 2708:30Guan Huang/黄冠Recent progress in Birkhoff conjecture for strictly convex billiard tables
SunDec 2708:30Hao Zheng/郑浩Categorical computation
SunDec 2708:30Jiajun Zhang/张家军Modelling and analysis of non-Markovian biochemical reaction networks
SunDec 2708:30Ke Deng/邓柯Understanding Chinese Texts via Statistical Inference
SunDec 2707:15Ziming Ma/馬梓銘The geometry of Maurer-Cartan equation near degenerate Calabi-Yau varieties
SunDec 2707:15Bing Wang/王兵The local entropy along Ricci flow
SunDec 2707:15Kang Zuo/左康Higgs Bundle in Geometry and Arithmetic A Proposal
SunDec 2706:00Xiangdong Ye/叶向东Nilpotent structures in dynamical systems
SunDec 2706:00Qingyuan Jiang/姜清元Derived categories and Chow theory of Quot-schemes of Grassmannian type
SunDec 2706:00Qiu Yu/邱宇Cluster exchange groupoids and framed quadratic differentials
SunDec 2703:00Si Li/李思Configuration space integrals and index theory
SunDec 2703:00Sijue Wu/邬思珏The Quartic Integrability and Long Time Existence of Steep Water Waves in 2d
SunDec 2703:00Jinxin Xue/薛金鑫Arnold diffusion in geodesic dynamics of blackholes
SunDec 2701:30Xiao-Gang Wen/文小刚Algebraic higher symmetry and local higher fusion category: symmetry as a shadow of topological order
SunDec 2700:00Professor Shing-Tung YauOpening Ceremony and Best Paper Award Ceremony
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