Holography 2022: quantum matter and spacetime

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Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 11-Aug-2022 to 19-Aug-2022
Organizers: Byoungjoon Ahn, Koji Hashimoto, Keun-Young Kim, Sang-Jin Sin, Junggi Yoon*
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The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from different fields working on field theory, string theory, and condensed matter theory to exchange ideas and develop new insights which will lead to new results as well as new collaborations across these diverse fields. In particular, this program invites local and international experts to discuss the frontier lines of the holographic principle and their applications to strongly correlated systems and quantum information.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriAug 1902:30Kyung Kiu KimCosmological solutions and black holes in Instanton Universe
FriAug 1902:00Yunseok SeoImpurity induced metal-insulator transition in holography
FriAug 1901:00Hugo CamargoBlack Hole Microstate Statistics and Mesoscopic Quantum Gravity
FriAug 1900:30Junggi YoonDoes negative central charge always imply non-unitarity?
ThuAug 1807:30Victor JahnkeHolographic teleportation with conservation law
ThuAug 1807:00Hyun-Seok YangAlgebraic Properties of Riemannian Manifolds
ThuAug 1805:30Dario RosaOperator delocalization in quantum networks
ThuAug 1802:00Jordan CotlerBlack Hole Microstate Statistics and Mesoscopic Quantum Gravity
ThuAug 1800:30Thomas HartmanCoarse graining pure states in AdS and CFT
WedAug 1707:00Anatoly DymarskyTBA
WedAug 1705:30SungBin LeeExotic phenomena in quasicrystals
WedAug 1702:00Seung-Sup LeeDMFT+NRG: From models to real materials, from local to nonlocal correlations
WedAug 1700:30Sabrina PasterskiTBA
TueAug 1607:00Moon Jip ParkTheory of Moire Magnets and Topological Magnons: Applications to Twisted Bilayer CrI3
TueAug 1605:30Min Gu KangTBA
TueAug 1602:00Junyeong AhnOptical axion magneto-electric effect
TueAug 1600:30Bohm-Jung YangQuantum geometry of band crossing points
MonAug 1507:00Julian SonnerTBA
MonAug 1506:00Chanyong ParkHolographic RG flow triggered by a classical marginal operator
MonAug 1505:30Debabarata GhoraiMomentum dependent gap in holographic superconductors revisited
MonAug 1502:00Sabrina PasterskiTBA
MonAug 1500:30Sabrina PasterskiTBA
SatAug 1307:00Victor GorbenkoTBA
SatAug 1307:00Victor GorbenkoTBA
SatAug 1305:30Sachin JainA CFT interpretation of cosmological correlation function in \alpha-vacua in de-sitter space
SatAug 1302:00Koji HashimotoMachine Learning the Bulk in AdS/CFT
SatAug 1300:30Edward WittenTBA
FriAug 1207:00Matteo BaggioliCan fluids far from equilibrium display universal behaviors? The answer of a black hole
FriAug 1205:30Xian-Hui GeThermodynamic phase structure of complex SYK models: Hermitian and non-Hermitian Aspects
FriAug 1202:00Hong Liu[Lecture 3] Emergence of space and time in holography
FriAug 1200:30Yiming ChenSpectral form factor in gauge theories and strings on wormhole
ThuAug 1107:30Matthew RobertsSpindles and new (0,2) SCFTs
ThuAug 1107:00Matti JarvinenA hydrodynamic picture of domain wall velocities
ThuAug 1106:00Ki-Seok KimA nonperturbative renormalization-group improved mean-field theory as emergent dual holography
ThuAug 1105:30Sang-Jin SinHolographic physics from the fermionic probes
ThuAug 1102:00Hong Liu[Lecture 2] Emergence of space and time in holography
ThuAug 1100:30Hong Liu[Lecture 1] Emergence of space and time in holography
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