Data Science and Social Justice: Networks, Policy, and Education

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: Tue Jun 20 to Fri Jul 28
Curator: Shadira Presbot*
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In Summer 2023, ICERM hosts the second of two summer programs entitled The Social Justice and Data Science Summer Research Program. This program aims to increase interest, research training, and capacity for data science for social justice, and to develop both quantitative and qualitative approaches to those professional practices that call for community engagement, critical inquiry, and interdisciplinary cooperation. Building off of Summer 2022's program, which included a workshop on network science and analysis as well as foundational conversations with community partners, the Summer 2023 program will advance the mathematics community's understanding of the complexity of computational social justice work through three emphasis areas (1) policy, (2) education, and (3) community-driven research.

As a new field emerges at the face of computational and applied mathematics and social justice, this requires new methods for working across community lines. In order to address the novel and interdisciplinary problems arising out of community needs, participants will work together to develop new or refine existing computational methods whose applications may be broader than the original problem. The organizers are committed to working with humility and in solidarity with one another and with the local community. The program will include engagement with the local community and invest in the education of the next generation of researchers by driving the development and direction of new computational methods for quantitative social justice research. Researchers with expertise and interests in using mathematical models and/or data science to examine social justice issues in policy and/or education are particularly encouraged to apply. The organizers also seek applications from researchers with specialties in digital humanities, computational social science, and data science education.

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