Amplitudes 2021

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 16-Aug-2021 to 20-Aug-2021
Organizers: N. Emil J. Bjerrum-Bohr, Jacob Bourjaily, Poul H. Damgaard, Michèle Levi, Matt von Hippel, Andrew McLeod*, Matthias Wilhelm
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Past talks
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FriAug 2019:00Lance DixonTBA (conference summary and outlook)
FriAug 2018:00Ruth BrittoCoaction for Feynman Integrals
FriAug 2017:30Fei TengDifferential BCJ Relations for AdS Boundary Correlators
FriAug 2015:00Claude DuhrFeynman integrals beyond modular forms
FriAug 2014:30Camila MachadoSoft theorems and massive recursion relations
FriAug 2013:30Andy Stromingerw 1+infinity and the celestial sphere
FriAug 2012:30Chiara SignorilePrecision Calculations for Collider Physics: the Subtraction Contribution
FriAug 2012:00Chi ZhangThe Elliptic Double Box and its Symbol
FriAug 2011:00Francis BrownModuli space of tropical curves and Feynman integrals
ThuAug 1919:00Zvi BernTBA (amplitudes retrospective)
ThuAug 1918:00Mikhail SolonScattering Amplitudes and Conservative Binary Dynamics at G^4
ThuAug 1917:30Carlo HeissenbergBlack-Hole Scattering, Eikonal Exponentiation and Gravitational Waves
ThuAug 1915:00Thibault DamourRadiative contributions to gravitational scattering
ThuAug 1914:30Anne SpieringIntegrability and chaos in SYM theories from the anomalous-dimension spectrum
ThuAug 1913:30John Joseph CarrascoÉtudes in effective double copy
ThuAug 1912:30Nikhil KalyanapuramTwo-Dimensional Models for Soft Theorems
ThuAug 1912:00Andrea PuhmAsymptotic symmetries, double copy and conformal dressings in celestial diamonds
ThuAug 1911:00Stefan WeinzierlElliptic Feynman integrals and modular transformations
WedAug 1818:00Rachel RosenMassive Spin-2s at High Energies
WedAug 1817:30Cindy KeelerApplying the Weyl Double Copy to Fluids
WedAug 1815:00Anastasia VolovichSymbol Alphabet from Plabic Graphs and Tensor Diagrams
WedAug 1814:30Gherardo VitaCollinear Expansion of Cross Sections and the EEC at N3LL' in QCD
WedAug 1813:30Walter GoldbergerEffective field theory for inelastic black hole scattering
WedAug 1812:30Claudia de RhamPositivity with Gravity
WedAug 1812:00Mao ZengConservative and radiative binary dynamics from amplitudes
WedAug 1811:00Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes in string theory
TueAug 1719:00Nima Arkani-HamedSurfacehedra and Quiver Categories: All Order Positive Geometries for Particle and "String" Amplitudes
TueAug 1718:00Clifford CheungCovariant Color-Kinematics Duality
TueAug 1717:30Zahra ZahraeeNon-relativistic physics in AdS and its CFT dual
TueAug 1715:00Simon BadgerQCD scattering amplitudes at the precision frontier
TueAug 1714:30Bernhard MistlbergerLHC Cross Sections at N3LO in QCD
TueAug 1713:30Simon Caron-HuotCausality constraints and gravitational EFTs
TueAug 1712:30Ingrid V. HolmLoop-level double copy for massive quantum particles
TueAug 1712:00Yael ShadmiOn-shell Higgsing and the SM EFT
TueAug 1711:00Yvonne GeyerSuperstring loop amplitudes from field theory
MonAug 1618:00Jaroslav TrnkaNegative amplituhedron geometry and amplitudes at strong coupling
MonAug 1617:30Shruti ParanjapeMass and Locality in the Double Copy
MonAug 1615:00Henriette ElvangGeneralizing the Double-Copy: the KLT Bootstrap
MonAug 1614:30Sebastian MizeraCrossing
MonAug 1613:30Albrecht KlemmFeynman Integrals in Dimensional Regularization and Extensions of Calabi-Yau Motives
MonAug 1612:30Cameron LangerA Prescriptive Basis of Two Loop Triangle Power-Counting Integrands at Six Points
MonAug 1612:00Matteo ParisiThe Hypersimplex VS the Amplituhedron: Signs, Triangulations, and Eulerian Numbers
MonAug 1611:00Yu-tin HuangYu-tin Huang Analytic boundaries of the EFThedron and its de-projection
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