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HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 08-May-2020 to 15-May-2020
Organizer: Anastasia Volovich*
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Conference webpage: indico.cern.ch/event/908370/

Zoom link: brown.zoom.us/j/94189515546

Livestream link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLUY5f5d5QyqTnMeT_pMgUA/live

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMay 1520:00David Simmons-DuffinConformal detectors in and beyond perturbation theory
FriMay 1519:30Laurentiu RodinaStringy corrections from mixing color and kinematics
FriMay 1519:00Cristian VerguCalabi-Yaus for scattering amplitudes from twistor geometry
FriMay 1517:45Andrew McLeodA bounded bestiary of Calabi-Yau geometries in Feynman integrals
FriMay 1517:15Kai YanSoft gluon factorization at two loops in full color
FriMay 1516:00Ruth BrittoA coaction for Feynman integrals (part 2)
FriMay 1515:30Claude DuhrA coaction for Feynman integrals (part 1)
FriMay 1515:00Samuel AbreuThe two-loop four-graviton scattering amplitudes
FriMay 1513:45Alex OchirovColor decompositions from unitarity
FriMay 1513:15Henrik JohanssonMassive N=1 SYM amplitudes and SUSY decomposition
ThuMay 1420:00Pedro Vieira2D S-matrix bootstrap. A simple story
ThuMay 1419:30Charlotte SleightA Mellin-Barnes approach to scattering in de Sitter space
ThuMay 1419:00Daniel GreenPhysics beyond the horizon is irrelevant
ThuMay 1417:45Eduardo CasaliHigher genus monodromy relations and color-kinematics
ThuMay 1417:15Simon Caron-HuotGeneralized unitarity and the dual of Feynman integrals
ThuMay 1416:00Sebastian MizeraTowards the geometric color-kinematics duality
ThuMay 1415:30Michael GreenModular properties of superstring amplitudes and holography
ThuMay 1415:00Stephan StiebergerSymmetries of celestial amplitudes
ThuMay 1413:45Monica PateCelestial operator products of gluons and gravitons
ThuMay 1413:15Daniel BaumannAmplitudes meet sosmology
WedMay 1319:30Nima Arkani-HamedScattering amplitudes and clusterhedra in kinematic space
WedMay 1319:00Marcus SpradlinNon-perturbative geometries for planar N=4 SYM amplitudes
WedMay 1317:45Thomas LamPositive and cluster configuration spaces
WedMay 1317:15Alfredo GuevaraGeneralized locality in CEGM amplitudes
WedMay 1316:00Freddy CachazoGeneralized Feynman diagrams and tropical Grassmannians
WedMay 1315:30James DrummondCluster algebras, tropical geometry and scattering amplitudes
WedMay 1315:00Lauren WilliamsThe positive tropical Grassmannian, the hypersimplex, and the m=2 amplituhedron
WedMay 1313:45Livia FerroThe momentum amplituhedron boundaries
WedMay 1313:15Song HeCombinatorial geometries for scattering amplitudes
TueMay 1220:00Clifford CheungEntanglement and conformal Invariance in the double copy
TueMay 1219:30Julio Parra-MartinezGraviton dominance from extremal black hole scattering
TueMay 1219:00Michele LeviHigh loop higher-spin frontier
TueMay 1217:45Chia-Hsien ShenSpinning binaries,effective theory and hidden simplicity
TueMay 1217:15Radu RoibanHigher-spin field theory for classical gravitational scattering amplitudes
TueMay 1216:00Zvi BernHigher-loop zeros in EFT anomalous dimension matrices
TueMay 1215:30Emil Bjerrum-BohrEinstein gravity from scattering amplitudes
TueMay 1215:00Yu-tin HuangSpinning the x tale
TueMay 1213:45Donal O'ConnellNewman-Penrose amplitudes
TueMay 1213:15Justin VinesBinary black hole scattering
MonMay 1120:00Hofie HannesdottirSequential discontinuities of scattering amplitudes
MonMay 1119:30Enrico HerrmannAll-multiplicity non-planar MHV amplitudes in sYM at two loops
MonMay 1119:00Benjamin BassoThe origin of the six-gluon amplitude in planar N=4 SYM
MonMay 1117:45Lance DixonLifting heptagon symbols to functions
MonMay 1117:15Yael ShadmiOn-shell SM EFT(s)
MonMay 1116:00Nathaniel CraigAmplitudes and Higgs EFTs
MonMay 1115:30Radja BoughezalN-jettiness with subleading power corrections
MonMay 1115:00Francesco MorielloPower series and computation of multi-loop/multi-leg integrals
MonMay 1113:45Johannes HennFirst non-planar corrections to the cusp anomalous dimension in N=4 sYM and QCD
MonMay 1113:00Gavin SalamAmplitudes and beyond at the LHC
FriMay 0814:00Nima Arkani-HamedMaster class: Spacetime and quantum mechanics, positive geometries and cluster algebras
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