Ninth Bucharest Number Theory Days--conference in honor of Alexandru Zaharescu's 60th Birthday

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 01-Jun-2021 to 03-Jun-2021
Organizers: Florin Boca, Alina Carmen Cojocaru, Vicentiu Pasol, Alexandru Popa*
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Past talks
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ThuJun 0319:10Cristian CobeliFractions, leaveswings and ladders
ThuJun 0318:20Florian LucaSome results on the Ramanujan tau-function
ThuJun 0317:30Jayadev AthreyaCounting Tripods
ThuJun 0316:40Alex KontorovichLength Saturation for Zariski Dense Groups
ThuJun 0315:30Jens MarklofPair correlation of the roots of quadratic congruences
ThuJun 0314:40Kaisa MatomäkiExceptional characters and primes in almost all very short intervals
ThuJun 0313:50Atul DixitSuperimposing theta structure on a generalized modular relation
ThuJun 0313:00Sun KimThe distribution of spacings between the fractional parts of n^d\alpha
WedJun 0219:10Cristian PopescuAn Equivariant Tamagawa Number Formula for Drinfeld Modules and Beyond
WedJun 0218:20Ae Ja YeeCombinatorics of Truncated Partition Theorems
WedJun 0217:30Andrew Granville(Effective) size and structure of sumsets
WedJun 0216:40Kevin FordThe behavior of Euler's function at consecutive arguments, and gaps between Euler function values
WedJun 0215:30Adrian DiaconuBraids, scanning, and moments of L-functions
WedJun 0214:40Adrian Iovițăp-Adic uniformization of a class of abelian varieties with good reduction
WedJun 0213:50Maosheng XiongRandom matrices formed from linear codes over finite fields
WedJun 0213:00Igor ShparlinskiWeyl Sums: Large, Small and Typical
TueJun 0118:20Maksym RadziwillMultiplicative functions in short intervals II
TueJun 0117:30Kannan SoundararajanEquidistribution from the Chinese Remainder Theorem
TueJun 0116:40Peter SarnakConvergence to Plancherel measure of Hecke eigenvalues
TueJun 0115:30Alexandru BuiumArithmetic PDEs
TueJun 0114:40Ram MurtyThe vanishing of L-series and the Okada space
TueJun 0113:50Bruce BerndtBalanced Derivatives, Identities, and Bounds for Trigonometric Sums and Bessel Series
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