Trends in Calculus of Variations and PDEs

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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs differential geometry dynamical systems functional analysis optimization and control probability spectral theory

Ghent University / University of Sussex

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 18-May-2022 to 20-May-2022
Organizers: Vishvesh Kumar*, Michael Ruzhansky, Ali Taheri
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FriMay 2016:30Gigliola StaffilaniOn the wave turbulence theory for a stochastic KdV type equation
FriMay 2015:30Tadahiro OhGibbs measures and canonical stochastic quantization
FriMay 2014:00Emmanuel HebeySchrödinger-Proca constructions in the closed setting
FriMay 2013:00Clément MouhotTBA
FriMay 2010:00Jens MarklofThe low-density limit of the Schrodinger equation: random vs periodic potentials
FriMay 2009:00Enrico ValdinociNonlocal capillarity theory
ThuMay 1916:30Fraydoun RezakhanlouMarkovian Solutions for Scalar Conservation Laws
ThuMay 1915:30Piotr HajłaszApproximation of mappings with derivatives of low rank
ThuMay 1914:00Neshan WickramasekeraThe Allen--Cahn equation and the existence of prescribed-mean-curvature hypersurfaces
ThuMay 1913:00Matteo BonforteStability in Gagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev inequalities: nonlinear flows, regularity and the entropy method
ThuMay 1910:00Mitsuru SugimotoA constructive approach to nonlinear wave equations
ThuMay 1909:00Jan KristensenMorrey's problem in classes of homogeneous integrands
WedMay 1816:30Govind MenonStochastic Nash evolution
WedMay 1815:30Jonathan BennettThe nonlinear Brascamp-Lieb inequality and applications
WedMay 1814:00Nicolas BurqMicrolocal analysis of singular measures
WedMay 1813:00Gui-Qiang G. ChenCavitation and Concentration in Solutions of the Euler/Euler-Poisson Equations and Related Nonlinear PDEs
WedMay 1810:00Serena DipierroBoundary behaviour of nonlocal minimal surfaces
WedMay 1809:00Giuseppe MingioneHopf, Caccioppoli and Schauder, reloaded.
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