Trends in Combinatorial Ring Theory

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combinatorics group theory rings and algebras representation theory

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Acad. Sci.

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 20-Sep-2021 to 24-Sep-2021
Organizers: Plamen Koshlukov, Ivan Chipchakov, Elitza Hristova, Peter Danchev, Velichka Milousheva
Curator: Albena Vassileva*
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The conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vesselin Drensky, Professor and Academician at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and a Director of the Institute in the period March 2017-March 2021.

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FriSep 2416:40Michel RacineDerivation Algebras of Albert Algebras over a Ring
FriSep 2416:10Irina SviridovaHook theorem for various types of identities
FriSep 2415:40Claudemir Fideles Bezerra Jr.The Z-gradings on the Grassmann algebra and Arithmetic tools
FriSep 2414:40Vesselin DrenskyLocally nilpotent derivations of polynomial and other free algebras
FriSep 2413:50Alberto ElduqueNon-group gradings on simple Lie algebras
FriSep 2413:00Jeno SzigetiSolving equations in the symmetric group
FriSep 2411:50Matyas DomokosInvariant theory in varieties of associative algebras
FriSep 2411:00Mikhail ZaicevOn existence of PI-exponent of codimension growth
FriSep 2409:10Roberto La ScalaCiphers and Ordinary Difference Equations
FriSep 2408:40Peter DalakovDeformations of vector bundle-valued Higgs bundles and L-infitity-algebras
FriSep 2408:10Elitza HristovaHilbert series and invariant theory of symplectic and orthogonal groups
FriSep 2407:30Athanasios PapistasQuotient groups of IA-automorphisms of free metabelian groups
FriSep 2407:00Hristo IlievRegular and superabundant components of the Hilbert scheme of smooth projective curves
FriSep 2406:30Leonid BokutGröbner–Shirshov bases theory and word problem for metabelian Poisson algebras
ThuSep 2316:40Chavdar LalovAround Tokuyama's formula
ThuSep 2316:10Felipe Yukihide YasumuraDetermining graded-simple algebras by their graded polynomial identities
ThuSep 2315:40Rumen DangovskiAlgebraic structures in deep learning
ThuSep 2314:40Allan BereleIdentities and Trace Identities of Verbally Prime Algebras
ThuSep 2313:50Louis Halle RowenFinitely generated axial algebras
ThuSep 2313:00Tony PantevDecomposition, anomalies, and quantum symmetries
ThuSep 2311:50Onofrio Di VincenzoOn superalgebras with superinvolution and their *-graded polynomial identities
ThuSep 2311:00Azniv KasparianFinite Galois quotients of bi-elliptic surfaces
ThuSep 2309:10Konstantin DelchevBiangular lines with maximal sum of the squared inner products
ThuSep 2308:40Jörg KoppitzPresentations of Semigroups of Order-Preserving Partial Injections on a Finite Set
ThuSep 2308:00Antonio IoppoloSome PI-results on superalgebras with pseudoinvolution
ThuSep 2307:30Vincenzo Carmine NardozzaDifferential polynomial identities of UT3(F)
ThuSep 2307:00Silvia BoumovaSymmetric polynomials in three noncommuting variables
WedSep 2217:10Dimitrinka VladevaDerivations and automorphisms of the endomorphism semiring of an infinite chain
WedSep 2216:40Plamen KoevAccurate Eigenvectors of Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrices
WedSep 2216:10Ivan ShestakovUniversal enveloping algebras of free Jordan algebras and their associated graded algebras
WedSep 2215:40Victor PetrogradskyPhoenix restricted Lie algebras
WedSep 2214:40Jason BellSpecht’s theorem, commutativity theorems, and decision procedures
WedSep 2213:50Daniela La MattinaCodimensions of Algebras with additional structures
WedSep 2213:00Leonid Makar-LimanovCentralizers of rank one in the first Weyl algebra
WedSep 2211:50Martin KassabovProperty T for some groups of tame automorphisms of K[x, y, z]
WedSep 2211:00Alexey Kanel-BelovImages of non-commutative polynomials evaluated on algebras
WedSep 2209:10Lucio CentroneNowicki’s conjecture and about
WedSep 2208:40Angela ValentiMetabelian varieties and left nilpotent varieties
WedSep 2208:00Boyan KostadinovStability of solitary waves for the generalized Klein-Gordon-Hartree equation
WedSep 2207:30Sehmus FındıkSymmetric Polynomials in nonassociative algebras
WedSep 2207:00Stefka BouyuklievaDecomposing Linear Codes over Finite Fields using Permutation Groups
TueSep 2116:40Pedro FagundesOn the Lvov-Kaplansky conjecture
TueSep 2116:10Marin GenovFunctions holomorphic over finite-dimensional commutative associative unital C-algebras
TueSep 2115:40Diogo DinizOn the Number of Gradings on Matrix Algebras
TueSep 2114:40Mikhail KotchetovFine gradings on classical simple real Lie algebras
TueSep 2113:50Emil HorozovThe general rank one matrix bispectral operators
TueSep 2113:00Antonio GiambrunoPolynomial identities and trace codimensions
TueSep 2111:50Matej BresarZero product determined algebras
TueSep 2111:00Eli AljadeffOn forms of G-graded simple algebras
TueSep 2109:10Luisa CariniOn the classification of multiplicity-free products of Schur functions
TueSep 2108:40Tsetska RashkovaIdentities generated by standard polynomials for some matrix algebras with Grassmann entries
TueSep 2108:00Fabrizio MartinoCentral polynomials and exponential growth of the codimensions
TueSep 2107:30Maya StoyanovaOrthogonal arrays and their distance distributions
TueSep 2107:00Francesca Saviella BenantiOn the asymptotics for ∗-graded Capelli identities
MonSep 2017:15Efim ZelmanovPoisson brackets and related (super) algebras
MonSep 2016:40Artem LopatinIdentities for a parametric Weyl algebra over a ring
MonSep 2016:10Vladimir GerdjikovRecursion operators and hierarchies of NLEE equations related to Kac-Moody algebras
MonSep 2015:40Thiago Castilho de MelloThe commutator-degree of a polynomial and images of multilinear polynomials
MonSep 2014:40Tatiana Gateva-IvanovaAlgebras defined by Lyndon words and Artin-Schelter regularity
MonSep 2013:50Luchezar AvramovBetti monoids over graded commutative rings
MonSep 2013:00Askar Dzhumadil’daevAssociative-admissible operad
MonSep 2011:50Claudio ProcesiA note on the Formanek Weingarten function
MonSep 2011:00Yuri BahturinDelta sets and polynomial identities in pointed Hopf algebras
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