Strings 2021

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ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 21-Jun-2021 to 02-Jul-2021
Organizer: Jandira Oliveira*
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Past talks
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FriJul 0216:40Michael Green, John Schwarz and Edward WittenSome perspectives on string theory
FriJul 0215:20Andy Strominger and Tomasz TaylorCelestial holography
FriJul 0214:50Alba GrassiA geometric approach to black hole spectral theory
FriJul 0214:20Roger PenroseTBA
FriJul 0213:20Pavel PutrovSpin-cobordisms, surgeries, and fermionic modular bootstrap
FriJul 0212:30Sabrina PasterskiCelestial amplitudes
ThuJul 0117:10Nima Arkani-Hamed and Lance DixonParticle physics challenges
ThuJul 0116:40Xavier SiemensResults from the NANOGrav search for nanohertz gravitational waves and cosmic strings
ThuJul 0115:20Nathan Seiberg and Xiao-Gang WenNew phases of matter
ThuJul 0114:50Zohar KomargodskiHigher Central Charges and Gapped Boundary
ThuJul 0114:20Jaume GomisInfrared Phases of 2d QCD
ThuJul 0113:20Sakura Schafer-NamekiHigher-Form Symmetries in String/M-theory
ThuJul 0112:30Shu-Heng ShaoSymmetries and Their Generalizations in Topological Phases of Matter
WedJun 3017:30Lorenz EberhardtSumming over geometries in string theory
WedJun 3016:40Oliver SchlottererString amplitudes
WedJun 3015:20Gregory Korchemsky and Vladimir KazakovLessons from integrability
WedJun 3014:50Kevin CostelloIntegrable theories in four dimensions from twistors
WedJun 3014:20Mykola DedushenkoTheory-changing interfaces and quantum algebras
WedJun 3013:00Rajesh Gopakumar and Xi YinProving dualities
WedJun 3012:30Matthias GaberdielThe string dual of free N=4 SYM
TueJun 2917:30Frank CoronadoTen dimensional symmetry of N=4 SYM correlators
TueJun 2916:40Shota KomatsuIntegrability in AdS/CFT
TueJun 2915:20Lionel Mason and Freddy CachazoNew approaches to scattering amplitudes
TueJun 2914:50Anastasia VolovichRecent developments in N=4 Yang-Mills amplitudes
TueJun 2914:20Congkao WenExact results and modular invariance of integrated correlators in N=4 SYM
TueJun 2913:00Chiara Nappi, Silvia Penati, Miranda Cheng, Shruti Paranjape4 generations of women in string theory
TueJun 2912:30Yuji TachikawaOn global anomalies of heterotic string theories
MonJun 2817:10Fabian Ruehle and Michael DouglasArtificial intelligence and string theory
MonJun 2816:40Lara AndersonProgress on String Compactifications
MonJun 2815:20Igor Klebanov and Sergei DubovskyQCD string
MonJun 2814:50John McGreevyMean string field theory: Landau-Ginzburg theory for one-form symmetries
MonJun 2814:20Horacio CasiniGeneralized symmetries, algebras and entropy
MonJun 2813:20Dam Thanh SonSome new developments in fractional quantum Hall effect
MonJun 2812:30Ofer AharonyEffective strings
FriJun 2515:20Jan de Boer and Steve ShenkerEnsemble averages and wormholes
FriJun 2514:50Kristan JensenWormholes and black hole microstates in AdS/CFT
FriJun 2514:20Clifford JohnsonQuantum gravity microstates from Fredholm determinants
FriJun 2513:00Netta Engelhardt and Rob MyersEngelhardt + MyersBlack hole information problem
FriJun 2512:30Jeff MuruganOn the Quantum Supremacy of SYK and operator growth on networks
ThuJun 2417:10Shamit Kachru and Fernando QuevedoDe Sitter constructions from string theory
ThuJun 2416:40Grigory TarnopolskyOperator spectrum and spontaneous symmetry breaking in SYK-like models
ThuJun 2415:20Eva Silverstein and Daniel BaumannCosmology and string theory
ThuJun 2414:50Geogrey PenningtonQES without a bath: finding pythons in unexpected places
ThuJun 2414:20Gonzalo TorrobaHyperbolic compactification of M-theory and de Sitter quantum gravity
ThuJun 2413:20Mariana GranaThe Tadpole Problem
ThuJun 2412:30Alfredo GuevaraAmplitudes and general relativity
WedJun 2315:20Mirjam Cvetic and Gary ShiuString universality, particle physics and cosmology
WedJun 2314:50Thomas MertensLiouville and JT quantum gravity - holography and matrix models
WedJun 2314:20Alex MayBulk causal features and boundary correlation in AdS/CFT
WedJun 2313:20Cumrun VafaFiniteness, compactness, desert, and the swampland
WedJun 2312:30Irene ValenzuelaSwampland
TueJun 2217:30Mukund RangamaniReal-time holography, replicas, and open quantum systems
TueJun 2216:40Stephen ShenkerBlack holes, wormholes, long times and ensembles
TueJun 2215:20Samir Mathur and Juan MaldacenaStructure of black hole microstates
TueJun 2214:50Leopoldo A. Pando-ZayasLogarithmic Corrections to the Entropy of AdS Black Holes
TueJun 2214:20Sameer MurthyBlack holes in AdS5 and phases of 4d SYM
TueJun 2213:00Barton Zwiebach and Yuji OkawaAchievements, progress, and open questions in string field theory
TueJun 2212:30Ashoke SenD-instanton contribution to string amplitudes
MonJun 2117:10Gabriele Veneziano and David GrossHigh energy limit of string theory
MonJun 2116:40Shiraz MinwallaThe Hilbert space of large N Chern-Simons matter theories
MonJun 2115:20João Penedones and Alexander ZhiboedovS-matrix bootstrap
MonJun 2114:50Ying ZhaoDiagnosing collisions in the interior of a wormhole
MonJun 2114:20Sebastian MizeraSubtle Points About Saddle Points in the S-Matrix Theory
MonJun 2113:20Simon Caron-HuotCausality constraints and gravity
MonJun 2112:30Leonardo RastelliBootstrap, EFTs and dispersion relations
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