Sherbrooke Meeting on Representation Theory of Algebras, Corona Edition (fully online)

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combinatorics category theory rings and algebras representation theory

Bishop's University / Université de Sherbrooke

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 25-Sep-2020 to 26-Sep-2020
Organizers: Thomas Brüstle*, Juan Carlos Bustamante, Shiping Liu
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Please contact Thomas Brüstle or Juan Carlos Bustamante if you are interested to participate.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatSep 2620:00Ralf SchifflerA proof of two conjectures on Markov Numbers
SatSep 2619:00Khrystyna SerhiyenkoMaximal green sequences for string algebras
SatSep 2618:00Frauke BleherAutomorphism groups of pro-free groups and their representations
SatSep 2617:00Calin ChindrisThe membership problem for orbit semigroups of quiver
SatSep 2616:00Lunchon
SatSep 2615:00Poster session**The same posters as Friday are presented, click on "Past Talks" to access Friday's schedule**
SatSep 2614:00Markus SchmidmeierTableau invariants and how they position objects in the Auslander-Reiten quiver
SatSep 2613:00Yadira Valdivieso DíazDerived categories of skew-gentle algebras and orbifolds
FriSep 2519:00Alex MartsinkovskyAsymptotic aspects of torsion and cotorsion
FriSep 2518:00Hugh ThomasThe fundamental theorem of finite semi-distributive lattices
FriSep 2517:00Tianyuan XuOn Kazhdan-Lusztig cells of a-value 2
FriSep 2516:20Shijie ZhuROOM 9: Applications of separable extensions of algebras
FriSep 2516:10Stephen ZitoROOM 8: Tau-Tilting Finite Cluster-Tilted Algebras
FriSep 2516:00Gabriella D'EsteROOM 7: Isomorphisms and extensions of uniserial modules
FriSep 2515:50Edson Ribeiro AlvaresROOM 6: On the braid group action on exceptional sequences for weighted projective lines
FriSep 2515:40Maxime FaironROOM 5: Géométrie de Poisson non-commutative et systèmes intégrables / Noncommutative Poisson geometry and integrable systems
FriSep 2515:30Özgür EsentepeROOM 4: Orders over CM local rings with positive CM dominant dimension
FriSep 2515:20Karin BaurROOM 3: Orbifold diagrams and skew group categories
FriSep 2515:10Job D. RockROOM 2: Pointwise Finite-Dimensional Representations of the Circle
FriSep 2515:00Poster session**The following are posters, presented both friday and saturday**
FriSep 2515:00Emily Barnard and Eric HansonROOM 1: Pairwise Compatibility for 2-Simple Minded Collections
FriSep 2515:00->Conference Picture
FriSep 2514:00Pierre-Guy PlamondonThe g-vector fan of tame algebras
FriSep 2513:00Bernhard KellerCartan matrices and Calabi-Yau completions
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