Online Workshop on Serre weights conjectures and geometry of Shimura varieties

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number theory

Centre de recherches mathématiques

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 31-Aug-2020 to 04-Sep-2020
Organizers: Centre de recherches mathématiques*, Eyal Z. Goren, Ehud de Shalit, Fred Diamond, Florian Herzig*, Elena Mantovan
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CRM-THEMATIC SEMESTER-Number Theory-Cohomology in Arithmetic - Online Workshop - Schedule: 2020/08/31 : Welcome comments at 10:30 - From 2020/08/31 to 2020/09/04: first talk 11:00-11:50, second talk 12:30-13:20, third talk 14:00-14:50 - Registration for the event is free, but mandatory. There is a certain limit on the number of people we can accommodate. For details and registration, please visit

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