Sanya Workshop on Algebraic Geometry and Machine Learning

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machine learning algebraic geometry

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 26-Jan-2021 to 29-Jan-2021
Organizers: Alexander Kasprzyk*, Jonathan Hauenstein, Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Mehta, Shing-Tung Yau
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Past talks
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FriJan 2917:30Closing RemarkClosing Remark
FriJan 2916:50Michael DouglasNumerical Calabi-Yau metrics from holomorphic networks
FriJan 2916:10Cody LongStatistical Predictions in String Theory and Deep Generative Models
FriJan 2914:00Industry SessionIndustry Session
FriJan 2913:20Andre LukasString Data and Machine Learning
FriJan 2912:40Vishnu Jejjala(K)not Machine Learning
FriJan 2912:00Rak-Kyeong SeongReinforcement Learning for Optimization Problems
ThuJan 2817:50Bernd SturmfelsWasserstein distance to independence models
ThuJan 2817:10Jim HalversonKnots and Natural Language
ThuJan 2816:30Fabian RuehleModuli-dependent Calabi-Yau and SU(3)-structure metrics from Machine Learning
ThuJan 2815:20Shailesh LalMachine Learning Etudes For Symmetries
ThuJan 2814:40Sven KrippendorfLearning Symmetries and Conserved Quantities of Physical Systems
ThuJan 2814:00Challenger MishraNeural Network Approximations for Calabi-Yau Metrics
WedJan 2717:50Michael KirbyThe Grassmann and Flag manifolds for Analyzing Big Data
WedJan 2717:10Margaret ReganUsing machine learning to determine the real discriminant locus
WedJan 2716:30Zehua LaiNoncommutative Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Conjecture is False
WedJan 2715:50Joseph LandsbergTensors and algebraic geometry
WedJan 2714:40Kathlén KohnThe Geometry of Neural Networks
WedJan 2714:00Bernard MourrainThe Geometry of Moments, Tensor Decomposition, Machine Learning and Applications
TueJan 2617:50Tingting TangThe Loss Surface Of Deep Linear Networks Viewed Through The Algebraic Geometry Lens
TueJan 2617:10Joe KileelGeometry and Optimization of Shallow Polynomial Networks
TueJan 2616:30Wenrui HaoHomotopy training algorithm for neural networks and applications in pattern formation
TueJan 2615:00Giuseppa PittonComputation, Data Analysis, and Statistical Inference for classes of Maximally-Mutable Laurent Polynomials
TueJan 2614:20Paul BreidingEuclidean Distance Degree and Mixed Volume
TueJan 2614:00Shing-Tung YauIntroduction and Welcome
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