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graphics mathematical software symbolic computation general mathematics optimization and control statistics theory

University of California, Davis / University of Kentucky

Audience: Advanced learners
Conference dates: 01-Jun-2022 to 03-Jun-2022
Organizers: Matthias Köppe*, Jean-Philippe Labbé*, Yuan Zhou*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 0311:00Ingo DahnTeaching with SageMath - a German Higher Education Perspective
ThuJun 0222:00Matthias Köppe (organizer)Symbolics discussion
ThuJun 0221:00Gereon KremerSatisfiability Modulo Theories for Arithmetic Problems
ThuJun 0220:00Aaron Meurer, Oscar BenjaminSymPy
ThuJun 0219:00Fredrik JohanssonFLINT: Fast Library for Number Theory
ThuJun 0218:00Yuan ZhouSolid angles of polyhedral cones via decompositions and power series
ThuJun 0217:30Yuan Zhou (organizer)SageMath Google Summer of Code panel
ThuJun 0217:00Trevor KarnSage GSoC 2021 report: G-invariants of the Orlik-Solomon and Orlik-Terao algebras
ThuJun 0216:30David AyotteSage GSoC 2021 report: Implementation of the Graded Ring of Quasimodular Forms
ThuJun 0216:00Linden Disney-HoggSage GSoC 2021 report: Rigorous integration and the Abel-Jacobi map
ThuJun 0214:45William Stein, Eric Gourgoulhon, John Cremona, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Samuel Lelièvre (prize committee)Award ceremony: Annual Spies SageMath Development Prize
ThuJun 0211:00Hao ChenWhy I turned to Mathematica (sorry) to plot minimal surfaces
ThuJun 0208:00Sébastien Labbé and othersSage Thursdays in Bordeaux
ThuJun 0207:00Tiantian LiuA hands-on tutorial of the Taichi Programming Language
ThuJun 0206:00Kwankyu Lee (organizer)Meeting of Sage users in Korea
WedJun 0121:00N/ASelf-organized SageMath ticket review session
WedJun 0120:00Matthias KöppeThe way to a fully modularized Sage library 10.0
WedJun 0119:00Vincent Delecroix, Jonathan Kliem, Matthias Köppe (organizers)Sage user packages: Packaging, continuous testing, and integration in the Sage distribution
WedJun 0118:00Nina MiolaneGeomstats – a Python package for differential geometry in statistics and machine learning
WedJun 0116:45Julian HallHiGHS: The world's best open-source linear optimization software - coming to SageMath!
WedJun 0116:00Steven DiamondCVXPY
WedJun 0115:00Blaec Bejarano, Harald Schilly, Hal Snyder and William SteinWays to Use Sage in CoCalc
WedJun 0114:45Jean-Philippe LabbéIntroduction to SageMath and the Global Virtual SageDays
WedJun 0110:00N/ASelf-organized SageMath coding sprints
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