Global Virtual SageDays 110

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 29-Oct-2020 to 30-Oct-2020
Organizers: Travis Scrimshaw*, Yuan Zhou*, Tomer Bauer, Samuel Lelièvre, Julian Rüth*
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48-hour virtual event for users and developers of SageMath

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Links to individual videostreams will be posted there before the beginning of each talk.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriOct 3022:00Jianping PanSage Experimentation with stable Grothendieck polynomials
FriOct 3019:00Gark Garcia, Mauricio Matera, Rocky BernsteinMathics: a free and open source alternative to Mathematica
FriOct 3018:00Miguel Marco-BuzunarizProposal for step-by-step integrals in SageMath
FriOct 3017:00Martin RubeySpecies (not) in SageMath
FriOct 3015:15Tobias RossmannZeta functions of groups, algebras, and modules: toric computations
FriOct 3014:00Guy BlacharCommutative and Noncommutative Groebner Bases
FriOct 3013:00Michael JungCharacteristic Classes in SageMath
FriOct 3011:00Simon KingComputing Modular Cohomology Rings of Finite Groups with SageMath
FriOct 3010:00Reimundo HeluaniVertex algebras in SageMath
FriOct 3008:00Katja BerčičData in mathematics
FriOct 3006:00Amri PrasadComputing (with) character polynomials
FriOct 3005:00Anna PuskasDouble affine Hecke algebras and the Bruhat order
FriOct 3001:00Isuru Fernandoconda, conda-forge and sagemath
FriOct 3000:00Matthias KoeppeModularization and pip-installability of the Sage library
ThuOct 2921:00Tom RobyDynamical Algebraic Combinatorics & Noncommutative Needs
ThuOct 2920:00Jessica StrikerTableau and toggle dynamics in Sage – computation and visualization
ThuOct 2919:00Wencin PohDevelopment of code in combinatorics for Sage
ThuOct 2916:00Éric GourgoulhonPseudo-Riemannian manifolds in SageMath: the Schwarzschild spacetime example
ThuOct 2915:00Ben HutzAutomorphisms for Endomorphisms of Projective Space
ThuOct 2911:00Viviane PonsPresenting the multipolynomial bases package
ThuOct 2909:00David CoudertOn the Flinders Hamiltonian Cycle Problem Challenge
ThuOct 2908:00Alba MálagaPolyhedral flat tori
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