Selected Areas in Cryptography 2021

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cryptography and security

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 29-Sep-2021 to 01-Oct-2021
Organizers: Riham AlTawy*, Andreas Hülsing
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FriOct 0117:00SAC ChairsConcluding Remarks
FriOct 0116:50Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
FriOct 0116:45Robin Jadoul, Nigel Smart and Barry Van LeeuwenMPC for $Q_2$ Access Structures over Rings and Fields
FriOct 0116:40Animesh Roy, Dibyendu Roy and Subhamoy MaitraHow do the Arbiter PUFs Sample the Boolean Function Class?
FriOct 0116:35Siemen Dhooghe, Tim Beyne, Adrián Ranea and Danilo ŠijačićA Low-Randomness Second-Order Masked AES
FriOct 0116:34Benjamin Smith (Session Chair)Session 6: Privacy and Applications 2
FriOct 0116:20Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
FriOct 0116:15Armando Faz-Hernandez, Watson Ladd and Deepak MaramZKAttest: Ring and Group Signatures for existing ECDSA keys
FriOct 0116:10Keita XagawaThe Boneh-Katz Transformation, Revisited: Pseudorandom/Obliviously-Samplable PKE from Lattices and Codes and Its Application
FriOct 0116:05Deepak Kumaraswamy, Shyam Murthy and Srinivas VivekRevisiting Driver Anonymity in ORide
FriOct 0116:00Alessandro Melloni, Martijn Stam and Øyvind YtrehusOn evaluating anonymity of Onion routing
FriOct 0115:59Elizabeth Quaglia (Session Chair)Session 5: Privacy and Applications 1
ThuSep 3017:25Eyal Ronen (Invited Talk)Privacy-Preserving Bluetooth Based Contact Tracing --- One Size Does Not Fit All
ThuSep 3017:15BreakBreak
ThuSep 3017:00Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
ThuSep 3016:55Edward Eaton, David Jao, Chelsea Komlo and Youcef MokraniTowards Post-Quantum Key-Updatable Public-Key Encryption via Supersingular Isogenies
ThuSep 3016:50Jorge Chavez-Saab, Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez and Mehdi TibouchiVerifiable Isogeny Walks: Towards an Isogeny-based Postquantum VDF
ThuSep 3016:45Sabrina Kunzweiler, Yan Bo Ti and Charlotte WeitkämperSecret Keys in Genus-2 SIDH
ThuSep 3016:40Paul Frixons, María Naya-Plasencia and André SchrottenloherQuantum Boomerang Attacks and Some Applications.
ThuSep 3016:35André SchrottenloherImproved Quantum Algorithms for the k-XOR Problem
ThuSep 3016:34Péter Kutas (Session Chair)Session 4: Post-quantum crypto 2
ThuSep 3016:20Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
ThuSep 3016:15Pierre Briaud, Javier Verbel and Jean-Pierre Tillich.A polynomial time key-recovery attack on the Sidon cryptosystem
ThuSep 3016:10Parhat Abla and Mingsheng WangZaytun: Lattice based PKE and KEM with Shorter Ciphertext Size
ThuSep 3016:05Haruhisa Kosuge and Hidema TanakaSimple and Memory-efficient Signature Generation of XMSS^MT
ThuSep 3016:00Ward BeullensMAYO: Practical Post-Quantum Signatures from Oil-and-Vinegar Maps
ThuSep 3015:59Simona Samardjiska (Session Chair)Session 3: Post-quantum crypto 1
WedSep 2918:20Social eventSocial event on
WedSep 2917:20Sofía Celi (Stafford Tavares Lecture)How private is secure messaging?
WedSep 2917:10BreakBreak
WedSep 2916:55Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
WedSep 2916:50Alex Biryukov, Luan Cardoso dos Santos, Daniel Feher, Vesselin Velichkov and Giuseppe Vitto.Automated Truncation of Differential Trails and Trail Clustering in ARX
WedSep 2916:45Stephanie Delaune, Patrick Derbez, Arthur Gontier and Charles Prud'Homme.A Simpler Model for Recovering Superpoly on Trivium.
WedSep 2916:40Ling Sun, Wei Wang and Meiqin Wang.Improved Attacks on GIFT-64
WedSep 2916:35Chao Niu, Muzhou Li, Meiqin Wang, Qingju Wang and Siu-Ming YiuRelated-Tweak Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round TweAES
WedSep 2916:34Yosuke Todo (Session Chair)Session 2: Symmetric key crypto 2
WedSep 2916:25Previous SpeakersSession Question Period
WedSep 2916:20Kazuhiko Minematsu, Akiko Inoue, Katsuya Moriwaki, Maki Shigeri and Hiroyasu KuboParallel Verification of Serial MAC and AE Modes
WedSep 2916:15Yosuke Todo and Yu SasakiDesigning S-boxes Providing Stronger Security against Differential Cryptanalysis for Ciphers Using Byte-Wise XOR
WedSep 2916:10Tim Beyne, Yu Long Chen, Christoph Dobraunig and Bart MenninkMulti-User Security of the Elephant v2 Authenticated Encryption Mode
WedSep 2916:09Kalikinkar Mandal (Session Chair)Session 1: Symmetric key crypto 1
WedSep 2916:00SAC Program ChairsSAC Introduction
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