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HEP - theory mathematical physics

Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 14-Mar-2022 to 18-Mar-2022
Organizers: Hamed Adami, Shahin Sheikh-Jabbari, Hossein Yavartanoo*
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Past talks
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FriMar 1814:40Edward WittenWhy Does The Gravitational Path Integral Appear to Produce Ensemble-Averaged Answers?
FriMar 1813:50Hong LiuEmergent times in holography
FriMar 1813:00Reza JavadinezhadSupertranslation-Invariant Dressed Lorentz Charges
ThuMar 1714:40Glenn BarnichA phase transition of photons and gravitons in a Casimir box
ThuMar 1713:50Mahdi GodazgarDual gravitational charges
ThuMar 1713:00Malcom PerryIs there a Future in Black Holes?
WedMar 1614:40Laurent Freidel$w_{1+\infty}$ Higher spin symmetries in gravity and asymptotic charge dynamics
WedMar 1613:50Robert LeighSymmetries of Diff-invariant theories
WedMar 1613:00Daniel GrumillerNear Horizon Symmetries
TueMar 1514:40Andrew StromingerThe Universe as a Quantum Encoder
TueMar 1513:50Vahid TaghilooNull Surface Thermodynamics
TueMar 1513:00Marc GeillerThe partial Bondi gauge
MonMar 1414:40Ted Jacobson(Substituted by Rodrigo Andrade e Silva)Causal diamonds in 2+1 dimensional quantum gravity
MonMar 1413:50Laura DonnayA Carrollian Perspective on Celestial Holography
MonMar 1413:00Geoffrey CompèreTails and memories: Monsieur Théophile de Donder meets Sir Hermann Bondi
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