Opening Workshop (IRP Higher Homotopy Structures 2021, CRM-Bellaterra)

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mathematical physics commutative algebra algebraic geometry algebraic topology combinatorics category theory differential geometry K-theory and homology number theory quantum algebra representation theory symplectic geometry

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 01-Feb-2021 to 12-Feb-2021
Organizer: Imma Gálvez-Carrillo*
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Past talks
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FriFeb 1211:30Viktoriya OzornovaExploring (∞, n)-categories through n-complicial sets, part II
FriFeb 1210:00Martina RovelliExploring (∞, n)-categories through n-complicial sets, part I
FriFeb 1208:30Michael BataninGrothendieck homotopy theory and polynomial monads
ThuFeb 1118:15Angélica Osorno2-categorical Opfibrations, Quillen's Theorem B, and $S^{-1}S$
ThuFeb 1116:45Hiro Lee TanakaBroken lines and Floer Theory over spectra
ThuFeb 1115:15Inbar KlangEquivariant factorization homology and tools for studying it
TueFeb 0918:15Matthew B. YoungReal categorical representation theory in topology and physics
TueFeb 0916:45Kate PontoTraces from K-theory and zeta functions
TueFeb 0915:15Daniel Fuentes-KeuthanGoodwillie towers of ∞-categories and desuspension
MonFeb 0816:45Pedro TamaroffTangent complexes and the Diamond Lemma: homotopical methods for terms rewriting
MonFeb 0815:15Ralph KaufmannProgress in operad-like theories with a focus on Feynman categories
FriFeb 0515:45Guillermo CarriónApproaching higher limits from homotopy theory
FriFeb 0514:15Emanuele DottoHermitian K-theory of stable infinity-categories
FriFeb 0510:00Natàlia CastellanaLocal Gorenstein duality
FriFeb 0508:30Irakli PatchkoriaClassification of module spectra and Franke's algebraicity conjecture
ThuFeb 0416:30Fernando AbellánMarked colimits and higher cofinality
ThuFeb 0415:00Walker SternGeneralizing Quillen's theorem A
ThuFeb 0410:00Rune HaugsengHomotopy-coherent distributivity and the universal property of bispans
ThuFeb 0408:30Tobias DyckerhoffA categorified Dold–Kan correspondence
WedFeb 0311:30Drew HeardSupport theory for triangulated categories in algebra and topology
WedFeb 0310:00Thomas NikolausPolynomial functors and K-theory
WedFeb 0308:30Lennart MeiertChromatic localizations of algebraic K-theory.
TueFeb 0216:00Gustavo JassoThe Waldhausen S-construction and the symplectic geometry of surfaces and their symmetric products
TueFeb 0214:30Tashi WaldeHigher Segal spaces via higher excision
TueFeb 0211:30José Manuel Moreno-FernándezA spectral sequence for tangent cohomology of algebras over algebraic operads.
TueFeb 0210:00Urtzi BuijsRational homotopy theory and higher algebra.
TueFeb 0208:30Sarah WhitehouseModel category structures and spectral sequences
MonFeb 0117:30Daniel Berwick-EvansHow do field theories detect torsion in topological modular forms?
MonFeb 0116:00Manuel RiveraThe fundamental group of a simplicial cocommutative coalgebra
MonFeb 0114:30Jovana ObradovićMinimal models of graphs-related operadic algebras
MonFeb 0110:00Martin MarklOperads, properads, and more.
MonFeb 0108:30Ieke MoerdijkVarieties of trees.
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