Workshop "New Trends in Mathematical Physics"

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general relativity and quantum cosmology mathematical physics analysis of PDEs quantum physics

Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 09-Nov-2020 to 11-Dec-2020
Organizers: Igor Volovich, Oleg Inozemcev, Mikhail Katanaev, Sergei Kozyrev, Alexander Pechen, Vsevolod Sakbaev, Anton Trushechkin*
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FriDec 1114:00Anton TrushechkinRedfield, local and global quantum master equations from the viewpoint of quantum stochastic limit
FriDec 1113:00Franco FagnolaRedfield, local and global quantum master equations from the viewpoint of quantum stochastic limit
ThuDec 1014:00Nikita SlavnovQuantum Inverse Scattering Method and scalar products
ThuDec 1013:00Vladimir KorepinLattice nonlinear Schrödinger equation
WedDec 0914:25Yana Kinderknecht (Butko)Stochastic representations for solutions of a class of integro-differential evolution equations
WedDec 0914:00Boris VolkovLevy Laplacians, holonomy group and instantons on 4-manifolds
WedDec 0913:00Dmitry LevkovSemiclassical S-matrix in dilaton gravity with a boundary
TueDec 0814:00Vladimir BelokurovSchwarzian functional integrals calculus
TueDec 0813:00Irina Aref’evaHolography and random matrices
MonDec 0714:00Valery FrolovSpinoptics in a curved spacetim
MonDec 0713:00Fridrikh DzheparovPressure dependence of phonon populations and non-standard quasiadditive integrals of motion
FriDec 0415:25Mikhail DolgopolovScanning and compaction of discrete ion fluxes by the magnetic field system and the ion-emission quantum energy converter
FriDec 0415:00Sergey MayburovOscillations of nucleus decay parameters in nonlinear quantum mechanics
FriDec 0414:00Sergey VernovThe effective potential method for cosmological models with the Gauss-Bonnet term
FriDec 0413:00Zoran RakicOn non-local modified gravity. On the square root model and its cosmological solutions
ThuDec 0315:25Abdessatar SouissiDiagonalizability of quantum Markov States on trees
ThuDec 0315:00Sergey PostnovOptimal control problems investigation for fractional diffusion and diffusion-wave equations
ThuDec 0314:00Bassano VacchiniRole of local and non-local master equations in the description of non-Markovian open quantum system dynamics
ThuDec 0313:00Tatiana DudnikovaConvergence to stationary nonequilibrium states for Hamiltonian dynamical systems
WedDec 0215:20Arseny MironovThe Ritus-Narozhny conjecture and resummation of radiative corrections in QED in a constant crossed field
WedDec 0215:00Vasily DenisovTheorems on stabilization of solutions of parabolic equations
WedDec 0214:00Roberto QuezadaBreaking of the similarity principle in Markov generators of low density limit
WedDec 0213:00Mukadas MissarovGeneralization of the hierarchical model on the two-dimensional lattice
TueDec 0115:00Jean-Bernard BruLarge Deviations for Fermions at Equilibrium - An Approach to Macroscopic Behavior at Nanoscales
TueDec 0114:00Miguel A.F. SanjuanBinary Black Hole Shadows: Chaos in General Relativity
TueDec 0113:00Richard KernerUnifying colour SU(3) with Z3-graded Lorentz-Poincaré Algebra
MonNov 3015:25Denis BorisovResolvents of graphs with small edges
MonNov 3015:00Nikolay ChuprikovOn the optical-mechanical analogy of the Dirac theory
MonNov 3014:00Maksim ShirokovOptimal form of the Kretschmann-SchlingemannWerner theorem for energy-constrained quantum channels and operations
MonNov 3013:00Alberto BarchielliA quantum optomechanical system in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
SatNov 2815:45Evgeniy ShavgulidzePolar Decompozition of the Wiener Measure and the Schwarzian Theory
SatNov 2815:15Ekaterina PozdeevaCosmological attractor in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
FriNov 2714:45Alexey KoshelevAnalytic infinite derivative field theories: classical and quantum aspects
FriNov 2713:50Branko DragovichCosmology of nonlocal gravity
FriNov 2713:00Igor VolovichIntegrability of quantum theory and categories
ThuNov 2616:15Goran DjordjevicClassical and Quantum Dynamics of DBI Type Lagrangians in p-Adic Context
ThuNov 2615:45Farrukh MukhamedovA Quantum Markov Chain approach to Phase Transitions for quantum Ising model with competing XY-interactions on a Cayley tree
ThuNov 2615:15Alexander ZubarevTBA
ThuNov 2614:45Evgeny ZelenovTBA
ThuNov 2613:50Pavel ExnerOn the discrete spectrum of soft quantum waveguides
ThuNov 2613:00Andrei ShafarevichTBA
WedNov 2516:45Dmitriy ShirokovOn some equations modeling the Yang-Mills equations
WedNov 2516:15Khachatur KhachatryanOn alternating solutions of a class of multidimensional integral equations with convex nonlinearity
WedNov 2515:30Sergey DobrokhotovAsymptotics of Hermitian type orthogonal polynomials: real semiclassical approximation for the asymptotics with complex-valued phases
WedNov 2514:45Alexander AptekarevMultiple Orthogonal Polynomials with respect to Hermite weights: applications and asymptotics
WedNov 2513:50Armen SergeevTopological insulators invariant under time reversal
WedNov 2513:00Alexander HolevoMultimode quantum Gaussian observables: structure and capacities
TueNov 2415:30Lyudmila EfremovaOn the partial integrability property of maps obtained by small smooth perturbations of skew products
TueNov 2414:45Victor ZharinovBinary relations and fuzzy logic
TueNov 2413:50Mikhail KatanaevPoint disclinations in the geometric theory of defects
TueNov 2413:00Dmitry TreschevQuantum heavy particle in a periodic potential
MonNov 2316:15Luigi AccardiTBA
MonNov 2315:30Oleg SmolyanovQuantum anomalies and differential properties of generalized Lebesgue-Feynman measures
MonNov 2314:45Anatolii GushchinExtensions of the space of continuous functions and its application to the Dirichlet problem for elliptic equations
MonNov 2313:50Vsevolod SakbaevOn the operator approach to the weak convergence of measures and limit theorems
MonNov 2313:00Valery KozlovLinear system with quadratic invariant as the Schrodinger equation
FriNov 2015:00Mikhail VasilievSpin-Locality and Star-Product Functions in Higher-Spin Theory
FriNov 2014:00Vladimir NazaikinskiiPartial spectral flow and the Aharonov–Bohm effect in graphene
FriNov 2013:00Grigori AmosovOn classical capacity of quantum Weyl channels
ThuNov 1914:00Felipe BarraEquilibrium quantum batteries and their nonequilibrium operations
ThuNov 1913:00Anton TrushechkinMathematical methods of quantum cryptography
WedNov 1815:25Edward KurianovichRelativistic Brownian motion - 2
WedNov 1815:00Andrey MikhailovRelativistic Brownian motion - 1
WedNov 1814:00Marco CattaneoSymmetry and block structure of the Liouvillian superoperator in partial secular approximation
WedNov 1813:00Andrei KhrennikovQuantum-like models: decision making and social laser
TueNov 1713:50Oleg InozemcevOn formulation of the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis
TueNov 1713:25Daniel AfanasevGlobal properties of spherically symmetric solutions in General Relativity with an Electromagnetic field and a Cosmological Constant
TueNov 1713:00Alexander TeretenkovReduced quantum dynamics in all orders of perturbation theory with Bogolubov-van Hove scaling
MonNov 1614:00Vadim MalyshevStructure of Classical Mathematical Physics as new Project and new Journal
MonNov 1613:00Luigi AccardiThe n-dimensional quadratic Heisenberg algebra as a “non-commutative” sl(2, C)
FriNov 1313:00Dariusz ChruścińskiUniversal Spectra of Random Lindblad Operators
ThuNov 1213:00Vsevolod SakbaevDynamics of quantum states generated by Schrodinger equation admitting blow up phenomenon
WedNov 1113:00Sergey KozyrevGenome as a functional program
TueNov 1013:00Antonio Vidiella-BarrancoHow faithfully the evolution of composite open quantum systems can be modeled?
MonNov 0913:00Noboru WatanabeNote on complexity for the quantum compound systems
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