Number Theory Down Under 8

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number theory

University of Melbourne

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 06-Oct-2020 to 08-Oct-2020
Organizer: Alexandru Ghitza*
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Past talks
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ThuOct 0810:30Tarun DalalOn mod p congruences for Drinfeld modular forms of level pm
ThuOct 0810:00Subramani MuthukrishnanOn the simultaneous 3-divisibility of class numbers
ThuOct 0809:00Fabien PazukiBertini and Northcott
ThuOct 0808:30Oleg GermanMultiparametric approach towards Diophantine approximation with weights
ThuOct 0807:00Lola ThompsonSumming mu(n): an even faster elementary algorithm
ThuOct 0801:30Shehzad HathiWolstenholme and Vandiver primes
ThuOct 0801:00Julie DesjardinsDensity of rational points on a family of del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1
ThuOct 0800:00Thomas MorrillFurther Study of the Knave Map
WedOct 0723:30Igor ShparlinskiDistribution of modular square roots of primes
WedOct 0722:00Felipe VolochRecovering algebraic curves from L-functions
WedOct 0710:30Denis KoledaAlgebraic integers vs. algebraic numbers: distribution on the real line
WedOct 0710:00Kostadinka LapkovaDensity of power-free values of polynomials
WedOct 0709:00Forrest FrancisExplicit Improvements to the Burgess Bound via Pólya-Vinogradov
WedOct 0708:30Matteo BordignonApproximated solution of a differential-difference equation arising in number theory and applications to the linear sieve
WedOct 0707:00Michael CoonsFractal aspects of regular sequences: a paradigm in progress
WedOct 0701:30Zhenlin RanFiniteness of singular moduli that are units
WedOct 0701:00Jeremy BooherInvariants in Towers of Curves over Finite Fields
WedOct 0700:00Richard BrentThe Mean Square Error in the Prime Number Theorem does not have a limit
TueOct 0623:30Jon GranthamAn Unconditional Improvement to the Running Time of the Quadratic Frobenius Test
TueOct 0622:00Andrew GranvilleThe distribution of primes in short intervals
TueOct 0610:30Tanja SchindlerA central limit theorem for the Birkhoff sum of the Riemann zeta-function over a Boolean type transformation
TueOct 0610:00Nikolay MoshchevitinOn badly approximable numbers
TueOct 0609:00László SzalayOn a Fibonacci divisibility property
TueOct 0608:30Jorge MelloIntegral points in orbits of endomorphisms of projective varieties
TueOct 0607:00Marc HindryArithmetic of surfaces over a finite field, zeta functions and Brauer-Siegel theorem
TueOct 0601:30Ikuya KanekoSpectral reciprocity for the fourth moment of individual Dirichlet L-functions
TueOct 0601:00Ethan LeeExplicit Mertens' Theorems for number fields
TueOct 0600:00Peter HumphriesTowards a GL(n) variant of the Hoheisel phenomenon
MonOct 0523:30Alexander MangerelMonotone chains of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms
MonOct 0522:00Lillian PierceOn superorthogonality
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