International Conference on Discrete groups, Geometry and Arithmetic

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algebraic geometry differential geometry group theory geometric topology number theory

Audience: General audience
Conference dates: 09-Aug-2021 to 11-Aug-2021
Organizers: S. G. Dani, Anish Ghosh, Sudhir Ghorpade, Neela Nataraj, Sandip Singh, B. Sury, Jugal K. Verma
Curator: Kriti Goel*
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Past talks
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WedAug 1115:00S. G. DaniFelicitation of M. S. Raghunathan
WedAug 1114:20Amir MohammadiEffective results in homogeneous dynamics
WedAug 1113:40Nimish ShahSharp conditions for equidistribution of translates of a subspace of a horosphere by a diagonal flow in the space of unimodular lattices
WedAug 1111:50Emmanuel BreuillardApproximate lattices and quasi-crystals
WedAug 1111:10Umberto ZannierBounded generation in anisotropic linear group
WedAug 1110:30Jean-Louis Colliot-ThélèneOn the local-global principle for reductive groups over semi-global fields
TueAug 1014:20David M. FisherArithmeticity, superrigidity and totally geodesic manifolds
TueAug 1013:40Bill GoldmanDynamics and the classification of geometries on surfaces
TueAug 1013:00Raman ParimalaHasse principle for simply connected groups
TueAug 1011:50Kai-Uwe BuxAn alternative construction for the bordification of outer space
TueAug 1011:10M.M. RadhikaThe Congruence Subgroup Problem for groups of inner type A_n
TueAug 1010:30Hee OhUnipotent flows on homogeneous spaces of infinite volume
MonAug 0914:20Vladimir ChernousovOn conjugacy of Cartan subalgebras in extended affine Lie algebras and classification of torsors over Laurent polynomial rings
MonAug 0913:40Igor RapinchukAlgebraic groups with good reduction
MonAug 0913:00Pavel ZalesskiThe congruence subgroup problem: rank one case
MonAug 0911:50Tsachik GelanderInfinite volume and infinite injectivity radius
MonAug 0911:10Shahar MozesSurface subgroups in uniform lattices of some semisimple Lie groups
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