Mathematical Physics Days 2020

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cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics high energy astrophysical phenomena general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - theory mathematical physics adaptation and self-organizing systems chaotic dynamics cellular automata and lattice gases quantum physics

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 11-Dec-2020 to 13-Dec-2020
Organizers: Sinan Sevim*, Keremcan Doğan, Ömer Güleryüz, Ekin Kaan, Narçiçeği Kıran, Cihan Pazarbaşı, Şelale Şahin, Cem Yetişmişoğlu
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The main aim of the conference is to bring graduate students and young researchers together and discuss their recent research topics.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SunDec 1315:00Burak ŞahinoğluTBA
SunDec 1314:00Harold ErbinMachine Learning for Calabi-Yau Manifolds
SunDec 1313:00Maxim EingornCosmological Perturbations in Lattice Universe
SunDec 1312:00Ezgi CanayEffective Screening Length from Discrete Cosmology and Linear Perturbation Theory Combined
SunDec 1310:00Meltem ÜnelA Non-perturbative Approach to Quantum Gravity: Trees, Triangles and Such
SunDec 1309:00Teoman TurgutExistence of Hamiltonians for Singular Systems
SunDec 1308:00Todor PopovJordan Algebras and Their Applications
SatDec 1215:00Andrew WaldronQuantum Mechanics and Geometry
SatDec 1214:00Ömer GüleryüzA Brief Introduction to String Inflation via Supergravity, Stability and Swampland Conjectures
SatDec 1213:00Hassan BabaeiA Brief Introduction on Hitchin Equations and Higgs Bundles
SatDec 1212:00Ceyda ŞimşekA Brief Introduction to Non-relativistic Gravity
SatDec 1210:00Reka SzabóCritical Contact Process
SatDec 1209:00Marcel HughesInsights into Black Hole Microstates from AdS3 Holography
SatDec 1208:00Nazmi Burak BudanurTowards a Dynamical Theory of Turbulence
FriDec 1115:00Nils CarquevilleTopological Quantum Field Theory
FriDec 1114:00Alex KontorovichInteractions Between Mathematical Physics and Number Theory
FriDec 1113:00Ekin KaanA Short Introduction to Topological Quantum Field Theories
FriDec 1112:00Keremcan DoğanGeometry on Anti-Commutable Pre-Leibniz Algebroids
FriDec 1110:00Umut GürsoySpin Transport in Hydrodynamics
FriDec 1109:00Abhiram KidambiMoonshines and String Theory
FriDec 1108:00Pavel Putrov3-manifolds and q-series
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