Machine Learning and Combinatorics Workshop

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 10-Oct-2020 to 11-Oct-2020
Organizers: Andrey Kupavskii, Janos Pach, Shay Moran, Andrey Raigorodskii
Curator: Alexandr Polyanskii*
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Research in theoretical computer science has been a source of deep connections between computer science and combinatorics. These connections are often symbiotic: on the one hand they provide formal frameworks to study algorithmic problems, and on the other hand they yield novel techniques that shed light on (and sometimes solve) long standing open problems in combinatorics.

In this workshop we focus on the combinatorial-algorithmic link in machine learning; a link which dates back to the discovery of the VC-dimension and PAC-learnability, and has various other manifestations in online learning, boosting, sample compression schemes, and more.

The workshop is organised by the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures at MIPT (Russia).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SunOct 1116:30Jacob FoxBounded VC-dimension and Extremal Graph Theory
SunOct 1115:45Hunter ChaseQuery learning, Littlestone dimension, and consistency dimension”
SunOct 1115:00Steve HannekeProper Learning, Helly Number, and an Optimal SVM Bound
SunOct 1113:30Andrey KupavskiiVC-dimension of polytopes
SunOct 1112:45Roi LivniGraph-Based Discrimination
SunOct 1112:00Amir YehudayoffTrichotomy of rates in supervised learning
SatOct 1016:45Shachar LovettPoint location with near-optimal bounds
SatOct 1016:00Shay MoranOn the expressiveness of comparison queries
SatOct 1015:00Open problem sessionOpen problems session
SatOct 1013:30Wolfgang MulzerAsymmetric Convex Intersection Testing (ACIT)
SatOct 1012:45Omri Ben-EliezerAdversarially Robust Streaming Algorithms
SatOct 1012:00János PachBounded VC-dimension and Ramsey-type questions
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