Johns Hopkins Junior Number Theory Days 2020

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number theory

Johns Hopkins University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 04-Dec-2020 to 05-Dec-2020
Organizers: Yiannis Sakellaridis*, David Savitt
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SatDec 0522:00Kolya MalkinMotivic fundamental groups of CM elliptic curves and geometry of Bianchi hyperbolic threefolds
SatDec 0521:00Josh LamCalabi–Yau varieties and Shimura varieties
SatDec 0520:00Congling QiuThe Gross–Zagier–Zhang formula over function fields
SatDec 0519:00Samuel MundyThe Skinner–Urban method and the symmetric cube Bloch–Kato conjecture
SatDec 0517:00Soumya SankarCounting elliptic curves with a rational N-isogeny
SatDec 0516:00Xiyuan WangThe Tate conjecture for a concrete family of elliptic surfaces
SatDec 0515:00Caleb SpringerAbelian varieties and their endomorphism rings
SatDec 0514:00Francesca BianchiP-adic heights and p-adic sigma functions on Jacobians of genus 2 curves
FriDec 0422:00Rahul DalalStatistics of automorphic representations through the stable trace formula
FriDec 0421:00Biao WangAnalogues of Alladi's formula over global function fields.
FriDec 0420:00Zhilin LuoA local trace formula for the local Gan–Gross–Prasad conjecture for special orthogonal groups
FriDec 0419:00Jize YuA geometric Jacquet–Langlands transfer via geometric Satake equivalence
FriDec 0417:00Razan TahaP-adic measures for reciprocals of L-functions of totally real fields
FriDec 0416:00Andrew GrahamAnticyclotomic Euler systems for conjugate self-dual representations of GL(2n)
FriDec 0415:00Debanjana KunduControl theorems for fine Selmer groups
FriDec 0414:00Shiva ChidambaramMod p Galois representations and abelian varieties.
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