An Invitation to Geometric Analysis

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differential geometry

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference date: 05-Dec-2020
Organizer: Hojoo Lee*
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Lectures on YouTube: [11 Lectures on 1st Dec] [12 Lectures on 2nd Dec] [9 Lectures on 3rd Dec]

Invited speakers: Eungbeom Yeon, Chao Xia, Yong Wei, Dong-Hwi Seo, Alex Mramor, Jose Miguel Manzano, Jesse Madnick, John Ma, Martin Li, Jaehoon Lee, Kwok-Kun Kwong, Frederick Fong, Marcos Petrucio Cavalcante, Reto Buzano

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SatDec 0503:15Session 3Q and A with speakers
SatDec 0502:15Session 2Q and A with speakers
SatDec 0501:15Session 1Q and A with speakers
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