Inverse Problems for pdes: A one day webinar

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analysis of PDEs

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference date: Fri Sep 11
Organizers: Elena Beretta, Giuseppe Di Fazio, Elisa Francini*
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Past talks
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FriSep 1107:15Giovanni AlessandriniTBA
FriSep 1107:50Jenn-Nan WangUniqueness and increasing stability in electromagnetic inverse source problems
FriSep 1108:25Giovanni S. AlbertiFrames of exponentials and compressed sensing photoacoustic tomography
FriSep 1109:20Matteo SantacesariaTBA
FriSep 1109:55Lorenzo BaldassariReconstruction of a small acoustic inclusion via Time-dependent Polarization Tensors.
FriSep 1110:30Giovanni FranzinaTBA
FriSep 1113:00Eva SincichTBA
FriSep 1113:35Antonino MorassiTBA
FriSep 1114:10Edi RossetA Korn inequality for Reissner-Mindlin plates
FriSep 1115:00Eugenia MalinnikovaTBA
FriSep 1115:35Nicola GarofaloTBA
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