Workshop on Supersymmetric Localization and Holography: Black Hole Entropy and Wilson Loops

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HEP - theory

The Abdus Salam Centre for Theoretical Physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 09-Jul-2018 to 13-Jul-2018
Curator: James Sully*
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FriJul 1313:00Nikolay BOBEVThree Easy Pieces: Holography, Localization, and Spheres
FriJul 1312:00Cyril N.Fibering line operators on Seifert three-manifolds
FriJul 1309:20Itamar YAAKOVBlack hole entropy from large N twisted indices in five dimensions
FriJul 1308:20Nicolo' PIAZZALUNGAD0-D8 brane partition functions
FriJul 1307:00Maxim ZABZINETwisting with the flip: N=2 SYM on curved manifolds
ThuJul 1213:00Chiara TOLDOSupersymmetric Bolt solutions and their free energy via localization
ThuJul 1212:00Rajesh GUPTABoundary Conditions and Localization on AdS
ThuJul 1209:20James SPARKSA geometric dual of c-extremization
ThuJul 1208:20Camillo IMBIMBOThe topological structure of supergravity
ThuJul 1207:00Soo-Jong REYOn Newton's Constant and Interpolating Function
WedJul 1113:00Cumrun VAFAA New Stringy Perspective on Cosmology
WedJul 1112:00Kiril HRISTOVSupergravity Localization and AdS Black Holes, part II
WedJul 1109:20Valentin REYSSupergravity Localization and AdS Black Holes
WedJul 1108:20Dietmar KLEMMBlack holes in 4d gauged supergravity
WedJul 1107:00Cumrun VAFABlack holes, SCFT's and Topological Strings
TueJul 1013:00Imtak JEONTwisting and localization in supergravity: equivariant cohomology of BPS black holes
TueJul 1012:00Bernard deSupersymmetric localization with dynamical gravitons
TueJul 1009:20Alberto LERDASurface operators and duality relations in N=2 gauge theories
TueJul 1008:20Ioannis N.N=1 SQFT on curved backgrounds and rigid supersymmetry anomalies
TueJul 1007:00Konstantinos SKENDERISHolography for N=1 SQFT
MonJul 0913:00Guillermo A.Localization, Wilson Loops and precision tests
MonJul 0912:00Brian WILLETTSupersymmetric partition functions for 2 ≤ d ≤ 6 and the higher dimensional A-model
MonJul 0909:20James LIUThe topologically twisted index on S^2 x T^2 and black strings in AdS
MonJul 0908:20Diego H.Ladder diagrams and Wilson loop correlators
MonJul 0907:00Nadav DRUKKERDeformations of the circular Wilson loop,\\[2mm] defect-CFT data and spectral independence 50'
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