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cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics high energy astrophysical phenomena HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory

The Abdus Salam Centre for Theoretical Physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 29-Jun-2015 to 03-Jul-2015
Curator: James Sully*
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Past talks
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FriJul 0310:00S. DimopoulosExperiments Big and Small
FriJul 0309:25A. ArvanitakiThe highs and lows of the QCD axion
FriJul 0308:50L.T. WangProbing new physics at colliders, LHC and beyond
FriJul 0307:35D. BaumannFrom Wires to Cosmology
FriJul 0307:00U. SeljakTheoretical and observational progress in Large Scale Structure
ThuJul 0209:40M. FelciniSupersymmetry and dark matter searches at the LHC
ThuJul 0208:50M. CorradiOverview of Higgs results at LHC
ThuJul 0207:35A. WulzerHiggs Compositeness at the LHC and Beyond
ThuJul 0207:00G.A. BurdmanNatural Theories with Colorless Top Partners
WedJul 0110:00M. LisantiUnresolved Point Sources and the GeV Excess
WedJul 0108:50L. CoviGravitino and decaying Dark Matter at LHC
WedJul 0107:35J. ThalerUnsafe but Calculable
WedJul 0107:00J.P. ConlonGalaxy Clusters as Tele-ALP-scopes
TueJun 3010:00A. LindeCosmological attractors: Inflation, dark energy and SUSY breaking
TueJun 3009:25L. SenatoreThe Effective Field Theory of Cosmological Large Scale Structures
TueJun 3008:50J. DunkleyCosmology from Planck
TueJun 3007:35M.M. Sheikh-JabbariPhase Space and Symplectic Symmetry Algebra for Near Horizon Extremal Geometries
TueJun 3007:00F.A. CachazoS-Matrix Theory
MonJun 2914:55M. LutyInduced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and SUSY Naturalness
MonJun 2914:20S. RajendranCosmological Relaxation of the Electroweak Scale
MonJun 2912:30W. Buchm├╝llerSplit Supersymmetry from Magnetized Extra Dimensions
MonJun 2909:25L. E.Higgs-otic Inflation and String Theory
MonJun 2908:50G. ShiuInflation in String Theory
MonJun 2907:35K. ZurekSuperconducting Detectors for Super Light Dark Matter
MonJun 2907:30Welcome F.Welcome
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