Harmonic and Spectral Analysis

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 08-Jun-2020 to 10-Jun-2020
Organizers: László Székelyhidi, Eszter Gselmann, Gergely Kiss*
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Past talks
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WedJun 1013:30László SzékelyhidiProblems and Remarks, Closing
WedJun 1012:30Gábor SomlaiFuglede's conjecture for groups that are the product of at most 4 cyclic groups
WedJun 1012:00Romanos MalikiosisRecent developments in the discrete Fuglede conjecture
WedJun 1009:00Stefan IvkovićThe generalized spectra of operators over C*-algebras
WedJun 1008:30Ekaterina ShulmanFrom almost invariant subspaces to group covering
WedJun 1007:30György GátVarying parameter Cesàro and Riesz means of Walsh-Fourier series
WedJun 1007:00Yoshihiro SawanoMorrey spaces
TueJun 0914:00Azita MayeliAn interplay between Gabor bases and Fuglede conjecture
TueJun 0913:30Miklós LaczkovichVector valued polynomials, exponential polynomials and vector valued harmonic analysis
TueJun 0912:00Serap ÖztopTwisted Orlicz algebras on locally compact groups
TueJun 0909:00Kedumetse VatiMoment functions on hypergroup joins
TueJun 0908:30Zywilla FechnerFinite dimensional varieties on hypergroups
TueJun 0907:30Bettina WilkensTensor products of synthesizable modules and a question on varieties with spectral synthesis
TueJun 0907:00László SzékelyhidiSpectral synthesis on the affine group of the unitary group
MonJun 0814:00Alexander RammSymmetry problems in harmonic analysis
MonJun 0813:30Eric GrinbergThe Radon transform on Helgason spheres in Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type
MonJun 0812:30Michael PulsSets of p-restriction and p-spectral synthesis
MonJun 0812:00Michael VoitContinuous association schemes and hypergroups
MonJun 0811:45László SzékelyhidiOpening
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