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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference date: 26-Aug-2021
Organizers: Alex Bishop*, Suraj Krishna*, Michal Ferov*, Alan Logan*, Rachel Skipper*, Turbo Ho*
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Past talks
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ThuAug 2622:30Arman DarbinyanComputability properties of left- and bi-orderable groups
ThuAug 2622:00Ash DeClerkGroups with the Falsification by Fellow Traveler Property are Autostackable
ThuAug 2621:00Nicolas BrodyGroups acting on trees via number theory
ThuAug 2620:30Sami DoubaProper CAT(0) actions of unipotent-free linear groups
ThuAug 2620:00Slobodan TanushevskiRetracts of free groups
ThuAug 2619:00Radhika GuptaFrom buildings to factor complex
ThuAug 2618:30Jesús Hernández HernándezRigidity phenomena of mapping class groups
ThuAug 2618:00Mark PengitoreEffective onjugacy separabity for lamplighter groups
ThuAug 2617:00Abdul ZalloumRegular languages for hyperbolic-like geodesics
ThuAug 2616:30Rylee LymanExploring the spine of Outer Space for free products
ThuAug 2616:00Ignat SorokoCommensurability of spherical Artin groups
ThuAug 2614:30Marialaura NoceRamification structures for quotients of the Grigorchuk groups
ThuAug 2614:00Bin SunWreath-like products of groups and rigidity of their von Neumann algebras
ThuAug 2613:00Marco LintonFibre products, free groups and regular languages
ThuAug 2612:30Ihechukwu ChinyereHyperbolic groups of Fibonacci type
ThuAug 2612:00Naomi AndrewFree-by-cyclic groups, automorphisms, and actions on trees
ThuAug 2610:30Giles GardamDiffuse groups
ThuAug 2610:00Shayo OlukoyaAutomorphism tower of groups of homeomorphism of Cantor space
ThuAug 2609:30Federico BerlaiAutomorphism groups of Cayley graphs of Coxeter groups
ThuAug 2608:30Yuri Santos RegoGeometric conjugacy invariants and Thompson groups
ThuAug 2608:00Xiaolei WuFiniteness properties of asymptotic mapping class groups
ThuAug 2607:30Paul-Henry LeemannWreath product of groups acting with bounded orbits
ThuAug 2606:30Ravi TomarBoundaries of graphs of relatively hyperbolic groups with cyclic edge groups
ThuAug 2606:00Arghya MondalProperty (T) for fiber products
ThuAug 2605:30Soumya DeyLiftable mapping class groups of regular cyclic covers
ThuAug 2604:30Neha NandaVirtual twin groups and doodles on surfaces
ThuAug 2604:00Tushar Kanta NaikAutomorphisms of three canonical extensions of symmetric groups
ThuAug 2603:30Swathi KrishnaPullbacks of metric (graph) bundles and Cannon-Thurston maps
ThuAug 2602:00Robert TangCoarse vs fine geometry of the saddle connection graph
ThuAug 2601:30Tomoshige YukitaGrowth rates and spectral radii of Coxeter groups
ThuAug 2601:00Xiaobing ShengDivergence Properties of the Brown-Thompson's groups and the braided Thompson's groups
ThuAug 2600:00Dmitry BerdinskyNormal Forms in Cayley Automatic Groups
WedAug 2523:30Junseok KimNon-relative hyperbolicity of automorphism and outer automorphism groups of right-angled Artin groups
WedAug 2523:00João Vitor Pinto e SilvaInfinite Matrices
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