Geometry of (S)QFT

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 20-Sep-2021 to 24-Sep-2021
Organizers: Shlomo Razamat*, Ibrahima Bah
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Past talks
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FriSep 2417:45Sara PasquettiMirror symmetry as a local duality on fields
FriSep 2415:35Arash Arabi ArdehaliDecomposition of BPS moduli spaces and asymptotics of supersymmetric partition functions
FriSep 2414:45Ioana ComanQuantum modularity of 3-manifold invariants and higher depth extensions
FriSep 2413:00Hee-Cheol KimBootstrapping BPS spectra of 5d/6d SQFTs
ThuSep 2319:00Inaki Garcia EtxebarriaDeconfining a class of N=2 SCFTs
ThuSep 2317:45Cyril ClossetThe U-plane of rank-one 4d N=2 KK theories
ThuSep 2315:35Antoine BourgetHiggs branches after lockdown
ThuSep 2314:45Avia Raviv MosheRenormalization Group Flows on Line Defects
ThuSep 2313:00Gabi ZafrirCompactifications of higher dimensional field theories
WedSep 2219:00Thomas DumitrescuFrom Seiberg-Witten Geometry to Confinement in Adjoint QCD
WedSep 2217:45Nakarin LohitsiriThe algebra of anomaly interplay
WedSep 2215:35Nathan SeibergDynamics of Exotic Theories — Spectrum and UV/IR Mixing
WedSep 2214:45Ho Tat LamKinematics of Exotic Theories — Symmetries and Dualities
WedSep 2213:00Nikolay BobevAdvances in holography
TueSep 2119:00Elli PomoniType-B Anomalies on the Higgs Branch
TueSep 2117:45Madalena LemosRegge trajectories for the (2,0) theories
TueSep 2115:35Anindya DeyQuiver Engineering and 3d Dualities
TueSep 2114:45Valentin ReysCorrections to 3d SCFT observables from 4d supergravity
TueSep 2113:00Yifan WangDefects in Quantum Field Theory
MonSep 2019:00Jonathan HeckmanDisorder Averaging and its UV (Dis)Contents
MonSep 2017:45Sergei GukovGeometry of 2d (1,0) SQCD
MonSep 2015:35Federico BonettiHolographic Duals of Argyres-Douglas Theories
MonSep 2014:45Monica Kang4d SCFTs with a=c
MonSep 2013:00Kantaro OhmoriTopological thinking on symmetry
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