X International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry

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general relativity and quantum cosmology mathematical physics differential geometry

Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 01-Feb-2021 to 05-Feb-2021
Organizer: Miguel Ortega*
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Aim and Scope:

The meeting is intended for all kind of researchers with interest on Lorentz Geometry and its applications to General Relativity.

For PhD students the meeting will represent an ideal way to have their first contact with current research topics on the area. Furthermore, an advanced course given by an expert on the area will be organized.

For senior researchers, these meetings represent an ideal place where to exhibit their latest results and to create new ways of collaboration.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriFeb 0512:10Closing CeremonyTBA
FriFeb 0511:50MurciaTBA
FriFeb 0511:30FerreiroTBA
FriFeb 0511:10JelonekTBA
FriFeb 0510:50LatorreTBA
FriFeb 0510:30NaoyaTBA
FriFeb 0509:00NurowskiTBA
FriFeb 0508:00GrantTBA
ThuFeb 0417:10de LimaTBA
ThuFeb 0416:50JahnsTBA
ThuFeb 0416:30CzarneckiTBA
ThuFeb 0416:00YıldırımTBA
ThuFeb 0414:30ÁvalosTBA
ThuFeb 0412:20MilinTBA
ThuFeb 0412:00PelegrínTBA
ThuFeb 0411:40RecondoTBA
ThuFeb 0411:20VoicuTBA
ThuFeb 0411:00MakhmaliTBA
ThuFeb 0410:30CaponioTBA
ThuFeb 0409:00JavaloyesTBA
ThuFeb 0408:00SeppiTBA
WedFeb 0317:10KrönckeTBA
WedFeb 0316:50AazamiTBA
WedFeb 0316:30CabreraTBA
WedFeb 0316:00QuirogaTBA
WedFeb 0314:30de LiraTBA
WedFeb 0312:10I.SánchezTBA
WedFeb 0311:50Caeiro-OliveiraTBA
WedFeb 0311:30GuerreroTBA
WedFeb 0311:00TorresTBA
WedFeb 0310:30LawnTBA
WedFeb 0309:00JavaloyesTBA
WedFeb 0308:00LeistnerTBA
TueFeb 0216:30Poster SessionTBA
TueFeb 0216:00HarrisTBA
TueFeb 0214:30PalmasTBA
TueFeb 0212:10OleaTBA
TueFeb 0211:50MarqueTBA
TueFeb 0211:30PeónTBA
TueFeb 0211:00Costa e SilvaTBA
TueFeb 0210:30BurtscherTBA
TueFeb 0209:00JavaloyesTBA
TueFeb 0208:00FrancesTBA
MonFeb 0116:00SormaniTBA
MonFeb 0114:30GallowayTBA
MonFeb 0112:20AadneTBA
MonFeb 0112:00HounnonkpeTBA
MonFeb 0111:40ShahbaziTBA
MonFeb 0111:20MoruzTBA
MonFeb 0111:00MüllerTBA
MonFeb 0110:30ManzanoTBA
MonFeb 0109:30LeFlockTBA
MonFeb 0108:30Vicente CortésTBA
MonFeb 0108:00Opening CeremonyTBA
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