NCTS Conference on Fractional Integrals and Related Phenomena in Analysis

analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis

National Center for Theoretical Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 19-Dec-2022 to 23-Dec-2022
Organizers: Chun-Yen Shen, Cody Stockdale, Daniel Spector*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriDec 2302:30David Cruz-UribeMatrix weighted norm inequalities for fractional integrals
FriDec 2301:00Yu Jia ZhaiGeneric Leibniz rules and Leibniz-type estimates
ThuDec 2207:30Brett WickWavelet Representation of Singular Integral Operators
ThuDec 2206:00Augusto PonceThe uncharted territory of \(W^{\alpha, 1}\) Sobolev spaces
ThuDec 2202:30Phuc Cong NguyenCapacitary inequalities and the spherical and Hardy-Littlewood maximal functions on Choquet spaces
ThuDec 2201:00Michael LaceyCommutators, Schatten Classes and Besov Spaces
WedDec 2107:30Franz GmeinederTraces via potentials for $\mathrm{L}^{1}$-based function spaces
WedDec 2106:00Ritva Hurri-SyrjanenOn Choquet integrals and Poincar\'e-Sobolev inequalities
WedDec 2102:30Ji LiFlag Hardy space theory—a complete answer to a question by E.M. Stein.
WedDec 2101:00Benjamin JayeRemovable sets for the fractional Laplacian
TueDec 2007:30Bogdan RaitaOn Compensation Phenomena for Concentration Effects
TueDec 2006:00Dmitriy StolyarovHardy--Littlewood--Sobolev inequality for $p=1$
TueDec 2002:30Fernando Lopez-GarciaA local-to-global method applied to Korn and other weighted inequalities
TueDec 2001:00Hiroki SaitoSome embedding inequalities for weighted Sobolev and Besov spaces
MonDec 1907:30Carlos PerezFractional Poincar\'e-Sobolev inequalities: improvements of a theorem by Bourgain, Brezis and Mironescu
MonDec 1906:00Hitoshi TanakaThe rectangular fractional integral operators
MonDec 1902:30Kabe MoenNew pointwise bounds for rough operators with applications to Sobolev inequalities
MonDec 1901:00Eric SawyerStability of two weight norm inequalities and $T1$ and bump theorems for Sobolev and $L^{p}$ spaces with doubling measures and Calderon-Zygmund operators.
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