Free Boundary Problems: Lecture Series and Recent Advances in Theory and Applications

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computational engineering, finance, and science mathematical physics analysis of PDEs differential geometry dynamical systems fluid dynamics

Columbia University

Audience: Learners
Conference dates: 30-May-2023 to 02-Jun-2023
Organizers: Daniela De Silva, Qiang Du, Chen-Chih Lai*, Kui Ren, Ovidiu Savin, James Scott, Michael Weinstein
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 0215:30Vlad VicolTBA
FriJun 0214:15Dallas AlbrittonTBA
FriJun 0213:00Vlad VicolTBA
ThuJun 0120:00Matthew NovakTBA
ThuJun 0119:00Antoine MelletTBA
ThuJun 0118:00Stefania PatriziTBA
ThuJun 0115:00Vlad VicolTBA
ThuJun 0113:30Roberto CamassaTBA
WedMay 3120:00Michele Coti ZelatiTBA
WedMay 3119:00Pedro SaenzTBA
WedMay 3118:00Pavel LushnikovTBA
WedMay 3115:00Roberto CamassaTBA
WedMay 3113:30Roberto CamassaTBA
TueMay 3020:00Javier Gomez-SerranoTBA
TueMay 3019:00Donatella DanielliTBA
TueMay 3018:00Serena DipierroTBA
TueMay 3015:00Enrico ValdinociTBA
TueMay 3013:30Enrico ValdinociTBA
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