Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

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Institute for Basic Science

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 20-Oct-2021 to 22-Oct-2021
Organizers: Casey Tompkins*, Tuan Tran
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Past talks
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FriOct 2210:30Dimitry ZakharovZero subsums in vector spaces over finite fields
FriOct 2210:00Wei-Tian LiRamsey Properties for V-shaped Posets in the Boolean Lattices
FriOct 2209:30Debsoumya ChakrabortiMixing time and expanders
FriOct 2208:30Nika SaliaPósa-type results for Berge Hypergraphs
FriOct 2208:00Oliver JanzerTiling with monochromatic bipartite graphs of bounded maximum degree
FriOct 2207:30Dániel GerbnerExact results for generalized Turán problems
FriOct 2207:00Andrey KupavskiiBinary scalar products
ThuOct 2110:30Liana YepremyanEnumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs
ThuOct 2110:00Ben LundMaximal 3-wise intersecting families
ThuOct 2109:30Ander LamaisonHypergraphs with minimum uniform Turán density
ThuOct 2108:30Tony HuynhSubgraph densities in minor-closed classes (and beyond)
ThuOct 2108:00Shagnik DasSchur’s Theorem in randomly perturbed sets
ThuOct 2107:30Simona BoyadzhiyskaRamsey simplicity of random graphs
ThuOct 2107:00Kevin HendreyExtremal functions for sparse minors
WedOct 2010:30Yelena YuditskyOn multicolor Ramsey numbers and subset-coloring of hypergraphs
WedOct 2010:00Adam Zsolt WagnerConstructions in combinatorics via neural networks
WedOct 2009:30Michael AnastosLongest Cycles in Sparse Random Graphs and Where to Find Them
WedOct 2008:30István TomonSmall doubling, atomic structure and l-divisible set families
WedOct 2008:00Balázs PatkósVector sum-intersection theorems
WedOct 2007:30Jan VolecExistence of common graphs with large chromatic number
WedOct 2007:00Andrzej GrzesikDegenerated generalized Turán numbers of cycles
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