DG methods in commutative algebra and representation theory

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commutative algebra algebraic topology quantum algebra representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 02-May-2020 to 03-May-2020
Organizers: Benjamin Briggs*, Josh Pollitz, Janina Letz
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Description: Online special session

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SunMay 0321:30Liana ┼×egaFree resolutions over compressed artinian level algebras of socle degree three - with Rasoul Ahangari Maleki
SunMay 0321:00Lars Winther ChristensenDimension and codimension of homologically finite complexes - with Iyengar
SunMay 0320:30Pinches DirnfeldBase change along the Frobenius endomorphism and the Gorenstein property
SunMay 0320:00Hugh Roberts GellerDG-structures for fiber products
SunMay 0318:00Rachel DiethornGenerators of Koszul homology
SunMay 0317:30Mohsen GheibiQuasi-projective dimension - with David A. Jorgensen and Ryo Takahashi
SunMay 0317:00Claudia MillerTransferring algebra structures on complexes, part 2 - with Hamid Rahmati
SunMay 0316:30Hamid RahmatiTransferring algebra structures on complexes, part 1 - with Claudia Miller
SunMay 0316:00Pedro TamaroffThe non-commutative calculus of fields and forms through dg-resolutions
SatMay 0222:00Julia PevtsovaSupport theory for Elementary supergroups - with Dave Benson, Srikanth Iyengar and Henning Krause
SatMay 0221:30James CameronStratification for cochain algebras on Borel constructions of G-spaces
SatMay 0221:00Mark WalkerLower bounds on the homology of dg-modules over exterior algebras
SatMay 0220:30John MyersThree algebras and three definitions of Koszulness
SatMay 0220:00Cris NegronSupport data for Hopf algebras via noncommutative hypersurfaces - with Julia Pevtsova
SatMay 0218:00Pablo OcalOn the Gerstenhaber bracket in relative Hochschild cohomology of associative algebras
SatMay 0217:30Luigi FerraroThe taylor resolution over a skew polynomial ring - with Frank Moore and Desiree Martin
SatMay 0217:00Nicholas PackauskasQuasi-polynomial growth of Betti sequences - with Luchezar Avramov and Nicholas Packauskas
SatMay 0216:30David JorgensenAsymptotic behavior of Ext over graded complete intersections - with Liana Sega and Peder Thompson
SatMay 0216:00Sean Sather-WagstaffAscent of test modules
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