Cyclic Cohomology at 40: achievements and future prospects

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 27-Sep-2021 to 01-Oct-2021
Organizer: Xiang Tang*
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Past talks
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FriOct 0120:00Raphael PongeCyclic homology and group actions on manifolds
FriOct 0119:00Paulo Carrillo RouseCyclic cohomology and Topological K-theory for discrete groups, the Chern-Baum-Connes pairing formula
FriOct 0117:00Sheagan JohnPolynomially Bounded Cohomology and Virtually Nilpotent Groups
FriOct 0115:00Markus PflaumOn the Hochschild homology of convolution algebras of proper Lie groupoids
FriOct 0114:00Joachim CuntzA short proof of the Feigin-Tsygan theorem
FriOct 0113:00Dmitriy ZaninConnes character formula for locally compact spectral triples
ThuSep 3020:00Matthew LorentzThe Hochschild Cohomology of Uniform Roe Algebras
ThuSep 3019:00Ralf MeyerAnalytic cyclic homology
ThuSep 3018:00David GepnerTBA
ThuSep 3017:00Dmitry KaledinSpectral algebras and non-commutative Hodge-to-de Rham Degeneration
ThuSep 3015:00Elmar SchroheLocal Index Formulae, Trace Expansions, and Noncommutative Residues on an Algebra of Fourier Integral Operators
ThuSep 3014:00Dustin ClausenThe close relation between K theory and TC theory
ThuSep 3013:00Fedor SukochevQuantum differentiation and integration for the quantum plane
WedSep 2919:00Alexander GorokhovskyThe Heisenberg calculus and cyclic cohomology
WedSep 2918:00Michael PuschniggOn convolution algebras attached to hyperbolic groups
WedSep 2917:00Walter van SuijlekomCyclic cocycles in the spectral action and one-loop corrections
WedSep 2915:00Victor NistorLocalization and cyclic homology of crossed products with algebraic groups
WedSep 2914:00Nigel HigsonOn Perrot’s index cocycles
WedSep 2913:00Katia ConsaniNCG and universal arithmetic
TueSep 2820:00Mariusz WodzickTBA
TueSep 2819:00Guillermo CortiñaNonarchimedean Analytic Cyclic Homology
TueSep 2817:00Max KaroubiReal K-theories
TueSep 2815:00Masoud KhalkhaliHopf cyclic cohomology
TueSep 2814:00Lars HesselholtTopological cyclic homology and the Fargues-Fontaine curve
TueSep 2813:00Henri MoscoviciLocal index formula in Noncommutative Geometry and Hopf-cyclic cohomology
MonSep 2720:00Paolo PiazzaProper action of Lie groups, cyclic cohomology and index theory
MonSep 2719:00Xiang TangCyclic Cohomology for Proper Lie Group Actions
MonSep 2718:00Bjorn DundasApplications of topological cyclic homology in algebraic K-theory
MonSep 2717:00Emil ProdanPushing cyclic cocycles over Sobolev domains and the extraordinary consequences for materials science
MonSep 2715:00Boris TsyganRigidity of periodic cyclic complexes and Getzler's Gauss-Manin connection over the p-adics
MonSep 2714:00Guoliang YuCyclic cohomology and higher invariants of elliptic differential operators
MonSep 2713:00Alain ConnesTwo backbones of the cyclic theory
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