On geometric complexity of Julia sets - II

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classical analysis and ODEs complex variables dynamical systems

Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 24-Aug-2020 to 27-Aug-2020
Organizers: Artem Dudko, David Martí-Pete, Leticia Pardo Simón*, Feliks Przytycki
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ThuAug 2716:20Karpińska, BogusławaFatou components and singularities of meromorphic functions
ThuAug 2715:20Bianchi, FabrizioA spectral gap for the transfer operator on complex projective spaces
ThuAug 2714:00Tiozzo, GiulioMetrics on trees, laminations, and core entropy
ThuAug 2713:00Rempe, LasseClasses of criniferous entire functions
WedAug 2616:50Rodrigues Ferreira, GustavoThe Permutable Mystery Tour for transcendental meromorphic functions
WedAug 2616:20Lech, KrzysztofJulia sets in non-autonomus quadratic iteration
WedAug 2615:20Abrams, AdamDynamics of complex continued fractions via partitions
WedAug 2614:00Evdoridou, VasilikiConstructing examples of oscillating wandering domains
WedAug 2613:00Sixsmith, DavidFatou's associates
TueAug 2516:20Dobbs, NeilHausdorff dimension of Julia sets in the logistic family
TueAug 2515:20Yang, JongukPolynomials with Bounded Type Siegel Disks
TueAug 2514:00Zdunik, AnnaThermodynamic formalism for coarse expanding dynamical systems
TueAug 2513:00Barański, KrzysztofOn the dimension of points which escape to infinity at given rate under exponential iteration
MonAug 2416:20Lomonaco, LunaMating quadratic maps with the modular group
MonAug 2415:20Canela, JordiAchievable connectivities of Fatou components in singular perturbations
MonAug 2414:00Gorbovickis, IgorCritical points of the multipliers in the quadratic family: equidistribution and accumulation
MonAug 2413:00Petersen, Carsten LundeGeography of the cubic connectedness locus: Lemon limbs
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