Combinatorics on flag varieties and related topics 2021

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algebraic geometry combinatorics representation theory symplectic geometry

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 25-Jan-2021 to 27-Jan-2021
Organizers: Soojin Cho, Yunhyung Cho, Jaehyun Hong, JiSun Huh, Eunjeong Lee*, Seonjeong Park
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Flag variety is an algebraic variety lying on the intersection of many areas of mathematics. It has rich structures and contains important classes of subvarieties such as Schubert varieties, Springer varieties, and Hessenberg varieties, each of which has its own interest in view of representation theory and combinatorics. The goal of this workshop is to understand representation theory and combinatorics related to geometry and topology of subvarieties of flag varieties. $\newline$ This year we will focus on Newton-Okounkov bodies of flag varieties, Grassmannians, and Hessenberg varieties, and related combinatorics such as crystal basis and combinatorial mutations on polytopes.

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