Cluster algebras 2020

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mathematical physics algebraic geometry combinatorics quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory

School of Mathematical Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 17-Aug-2020 to 28-Aug-2020
Organizers: JiaRui Fei*, Fan Qin*, Pu Zhang
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A conference on cluster algebras and related subjects. There will be 2-3 talks per day from August 17-21 and 24-28. The speakers are: Dylan Allegretti, Lara Bossinger, Peigen Cao, Sabin Cautis, Man-Wai Cheung, Chris Fraser, Misha Gekhtman, Alexander Goncharov, Song He, David Hernandez, Tsukasa Ishibashi, Osamu Iyama, David Jordan, Joel Kamnitzer, Travis Mandel, Se-jin Oh, Gus Schrader, Peng Shan, Linhui Shen, Melissa Sherman-Bennett, Xiuping Su, Anastasia Volovich, Milen Yakimov, Tony Yue Yu and Toshiya Yurikusa. Registration at the external home page.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriAug 2814:00Lara BossingerFamilies of Gröbner degenerations, Grassmannians and universal cluster algebras
FriAug 2813:00Man-wai CheungPolytopes, wall crossings, and cluster varieties
ThuAug 2714:00Travis MandelQuantum theta bases
ThuAug 2713:00Tony Yue YuCluster algebra via non-archimedean geometry
WedAug 2615:00Melissa Sherman-BennettMany cluster structures on Schubert varieties
WedAug 2614:00Chris FraserCyclic symmetry loci in Grassmannians
WedAug 2613:00Peigen CaoThe valuation pairing on an upper cluster algebra
TueAug 2514:00Milen YakimovGreen groupoids of 2-Calabi-Yau categories and derived actions
TueAug 2513:00Tsukasa IshibashiAlgebraic entropy of sign-stable mutation loops
TueAug 2501:00Toshiya YurikusaCluster algebras with dense g-vector fans
MonAug 2414:00Misha GekhtmanGeneralized cluster structures related to the Drinfeld double of GL(n)
MonAug 2413:00David HernandezDeformations of Grothendieck rings and toroidal cluster algebras
FriAug 2114:00Song HeGeneralized associahedra and scattering of particles and strings
FriAug 2113:00Anastasia VolovichCluster Algebras, Plabic Graphs and Scattering Amplitudes
FriAug 2101:00Gus SchraderAn alternative polynomial representation of spherical DAHA
ThuAug 2014:00Joel KamnitzerThe theta basis and the Mirkovic-Vilonen basis
ThuAug 2013:00Peng ShanCoherent categorification of quantum loop sl(2)
ThuAug 2000:00Sabin CautisCategorical structure of Coulomb branches of 4D N=2 gauge theories
WedAug 1914:00David JordanCluster quantization from factorization homology
WedAug 1913:00Se-jin OhMonoidal categorification and quantum affine algebras
TueAug 1815:00Dylan AllegrettiExact WKB analysis and Riemann-Hilbert problems
TueAug 1814:00Linhui ShenLegendrian links with infinitely many exact Lagrangian fillings
TueAug 1800:00Alexander GoncharovCluster nature of the second universal motivic Chern class
MonAug 1714:00Xiuping SuCategorifying flow polynomials and Newton-Okounkov bodies
MonAug 1713:00Osamu IyamaSimple-minded systems in cluster categories and generalized cluster complexes
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