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number theory

University of Connecticut

Audience: Advanced learners
Conference dates: 12-Jun-2020 to 14-Jun-2020
Organizers: Jennifer Balakrishnan, Keith Conrad, Alvaro Lozano-Robledo*, Christelle Vincent
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Description: Conference in Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, related topics, June 12-14, 2020.

CTNT is a summer school in number theory, followed by a conference on number theory, arithmetic geometry and related topics. For more information and registration to obtain links to the livestreams, please visit ctnt-summer.math.uconn.edu/

Please register by Thursday June 11th, 6PM EST, to receive a link to the video conference. (We will do our best to send links after that time and date, so please continue to register.)

Note: in addition to the talks listed here, there will be other contributed talks available as pre-recorded videos. Those talks will be listed on the conference website.

The videos from the event can be found here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYpVTXjEi1ocyg6qLNhmhTX1HyFqHpsI6

Registration is necessary in order to receive links to the conference video streams. The links will not be posted publicly here to avoid issues.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
SunJun 1420:10Jan VonkOn singular moduli
SunJun 1419:35Vaidehee ThatteUpper Ramification Groups for Arbitrary Valuation Rings
SunJun 1418:05David SavittModuli of Galois representations
SunJun 1417:30David CorwinLocal-Global Principles for Diophantine Equations and Topology
SunJun 1415:15Jeremy Rouse3-adic images of Galois for elliptic curves over Q
SunJun 1414:05Asher AuelElliptic curves and the local-global principle for quadratic forms
SatJun 1320:10Garen ChiloyanA classification of rational isogeny-torsion graphs
SatJun 1319:35Holly Paige ChaosTorsion for CM Elliptic Curves Defined Over Number Fields of Degree 2p
SatJun 1319:00RakviOn classification of genus 0 modular curves with a rational point
SatJun 1318:05Jeremy BooherG-valued crystalline deformation rings in the Fontaine-Laffaille range
SatJun 1317:30Jeffrey YeltonSemistable models of hyperelliptic curves over residue characteristic 2
SatJun 1315:15Wanlin LiCeresa class and hyperelliptic curves
SatJun 1314:05Ravi RamakrishnaThe Gras-Munnier theorem in the tame case
FriJun 1220:10Benjamin BreenHeuristics for narrow class groups of abelian number fields of odd degree
FriJun 1219:35Arvind SureshConstructing genus g curves of rank 4g + 15
FriJun 1219:00Matilde LalĂ­nThe Mahler measure of a genus 3 family
FriJun 1218:05Bianca VirayIsolated points on curves
FriJun 1217:30Andrew KobinStacky curves in characteristic p.
FriJun 1215:15Alexandra FloreaNon-vanishing for cubic L-functions
FriJun 1214:00Pete L. ClarkCM points on modular curves
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