Physics of Life: Students and Postdocs Edition

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Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences / Princeton University / The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference date: 25-Mar-2022
Organizers: William Bialek, Trevor Grand Pre, Endao Han, Caroline Holmes, Kamesh Krishnamurthy, Goeun Minshall*, Rahul Munshi, David Schwab
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FriMar 2520:30Dr. Oskar SchnaackLearning and organization of memory for evolving patterns
FriMar 2520:00Dr. William LibertiA stable hippocampal code in freely flying bats
FriMar 2519:30Anamika AgrawalMitochondrial distribution and maintenance in neurons: interplay of dynamics and morphology
FriMar 2518:30Dr. Noah MitchellVisceral organ morphogenesis via calcium-patterns muscle contractions
FriMar 2518:00Deepika SundarramanManipulating bacterial aggregation alters competition and dynamics of multi-species communities in the zebrafish gut
FriMar 2517:30Jacob MoranThe emergent coarse-grainability of microbial ecosystems
FriMar 2516:00Dr. Isabella GrafSensitive thermometry with TRP channels through self-tuning to a bifurcation point
FriMar 2515:30Shubham TripathiMechanical control of transcription by DNA supercoiling
FriMar 2515:00Amir BitranCo-translational folding allows misfolding-prone proteins to circumvent deep kinetic traps
FriOct 0820:00Baxi ZhongCoordinating tiny limbs and long bodies: geometric mechanics of diverse undulatory lizard locomotion
FriOct 0819:30Nirag KadakiaHassenstein-Reichardt motion detectors in olfaction enhance natural plume navigation
FriOct 0819:00Bill JiaFirst beats of a vertebrate heart
FriOct 0818:00Shane McInallyScaling of subcellular actin structures with cell length through decelerated growth
FriOct 0817:30Sihan ChenMotor-free contractility in active gels
FriOct 0817:00Yuhan WangQuantifying protein-protein weak interactions in living cells
FriOct 0816:00Rosa Martinez-CorralInformation integration in gene regulation through allostery
FriOct 0815:30Henry MattinglyE. coli chemotaxis is information-limited
FriOct 0815:00Dominic SkinnerImproved bounds on entropy production in living systems
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