Cluster algebras and related topics

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mathematical physics commutative algebra algebraic geometry combinatorics category theory K-theory and homology quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory symplectic geometry quantum physics

Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 02-Aug-2021 to 06-Aug-2021
Organizers: Xueqing Chen, Fang Li, Fan Qin, Linhui Shen, Bin Zhu
Curator: Bernhard Keller*
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Cluster algebras were introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky at the beginning of this century. Since then, they have turned out to be related to many areas of mathematics, such as combinatorics, representation theory of quivers and finite-dimensional algebras, algebraic geometry (in particular, Donaldson-Thomas theory and mirror symmetry), mathematical physics (in particular string theory and the study of scattering amplitudes), Poisson geometry, higher Teichmuller theory. Some important problems in this theory, including the conjecture on positivity of cluster variables and the problem of additive and monoidal categorification of cluster algebras, are strongly related to canonical/upper global bases in Lie theory, representation theoriy of quantum groups and KLR algebras, ... . This workshop aims to be a platform for scholars working on cluster algebras and related topics allowing them to present their results and exchange ideas.

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Past talks
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FriAug 0614:00Michael ShapiroTBA
FriAug 0613:00Matthew PresslandTBA
FriAug 0612:00Xiuping SuTBA
FriAug 0607:00Karin BaurTBA
FriAug 0606:00Quanshui WuTBA
FriAug 0602:00Song HeTBA
FriAug 0601:00Li LiTBA
FriAug 0600:00Osamu IyamaTBA
ThuAug 0514:00Peigen CaoTBA
ThuAug 0513:00Jiarui FeiTBA
ThuAug 0512:00Tomoki NakanishiTBA
ThuAug 0507:00Nanqing DingTBA
ThuAug 0506:00Ming FangTBA
ThuAug 0502:00Peng ShanTBA
ThuAug 0501:00Myungho KimTBA
ThuAug 0500:00Hiraku NakajimaTBA
WedAug 0402:00Changjian FuTBA
WedAug 0401:00Gordana TodorovTBA
WedAug 0400:00Kiyoshi IgusaTBA
TueAug 0314:00Pierre-Guy PlamondonTBA
TueAug 0313:00Travis MandelTBA
TueAug 0312:00Ben DavisonTBA
TueAug 0307:00Min HuangTBA
TueAug 0306:00Kyongyong LeeTBA
TueAug 0302:00Yu ZhouTBA
TueAug 0301:00Yu QiuTBA
TueAug 0300:00Ralf SchifflerTBA
MonAug 0214:00Alexander GoncharovTBA
MonAug 0213:00Daping WengTBA
MonAug 0212:00Bernhard KellerTBA
MonAug 0207:00Fan XuTBA
MonAug 0206:00Jie XiaoTBA
MonAug 0202:00Shiquan RuanTBA
MonAug 0201:00Daniel LabardiniTBA
MonAug 0200:00Man-Wai CheungTBA
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