Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANT 2022)

number theory

CUNY - Lehman College

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 24-May-2022 to 27-May-2022
Organizer: Mel Nathanson*
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Past talks
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FriMay 2720:00Faye JacksonThe Generalized Bergman game
FriMay 2719:30Wijit YangjitOn the Montgomery–Vaughan weighted generalization of Hilbert's inequality
FriMay 2719:00Brad IsaacsonOn a polynomial reciprocity theorem of Carlitz
FriMay 2718:30Ognian TrifonovLattice points close to ovals, arcs, and helixes
FriMay 2718:00Anurag SahayMoments of the Hurwitz zeta function with rational shifts
FriMay 2717:30Filip GawronSign behavior of sums of weighted numbers of partitions
FriMay 2717:00Daodao YangExtreme values of derivatives of the Riemann zeta function, log-type GCD sums, and spectral norms
FriMay 2715:30Maciej UlasSolutions of certain meta-Fibonacci recurrences
FriMay 2715:00Bartosz SobolewskiMonochromatic arithmetic progressions in binary words associated with pattern sequences
FriMay 2714:30Mikhail GabdullinA conjecture of Cilleruelo and Cordoba and divisors in a short interval
FriMay 2714:00Paolo LeonettiThe G.C.D. of $n$ and the $n$th Fibonacci number
FriMay 2713:30Ajmain YaminThe exceptional automorphism of $S_6$ explained with colored maps
FriMay 2713:00Sean PrendivilleAdapting the circle method for colourings
ThuMay 2620:30Ariane MasudaRedei permutations with the same cycle structure
ThuMay 2620:00Russell Jay HendelA system of 4 simultaneous recursions: Generalization of Ledin-Shannon-Ollerton
ThuMay 2619:30Alex RiceNew results in classical and arithmetic Ramsey theory
ThuMay 2619:00Henry FleischmannAngle variants of the Erd\H{o}s distinct distance problem
ThuMay 2618:30Junxuan ShenThe structural incidence problem for cartesian products
ThuMay 2618:00Paul PollackWeak uniform distribution of certain arithmetic functions
ThuMay 2617:30Thai Hoang LeBohr sets in sumsets in countable abelian groups
ThuMay 2617:00Rachel GreenfeldTranslational tilings
ThuMay 2615:30Renling JinHyper-hyper-hyper-integers
ThuMay 2615:00Gergely KissFuglede's conjecture on the direct product of finite abelian groups
ThuMay 2614:30Steven SengerDistinct dot products, convexity, and AA+1
ThuMay 2614:00Norbert HegyvariBoolean functions defined on pseudo-recursive sequences
ThuMay 2613:30Carlo SannaMembership in random ratio sets
ThuMay 2613:00Jin-Hui FangRepresentation functions avoiding integers with density zero
WedMay 2521:00Tim TrudgianDon’t believe the Fake Mu’s!
WedMay 2520:30Yin Choi ChengOrder type of shifts of morphic words
WedMay 2520:00Catherine YanMultivariate Goncarov polynomials and integer sequences
WedMay 2519:30Noah KravitzZero patterns of derivatives of polynomials
WedMay 2519:00Mel NathansonMultiplicity interpolation of polynomials
WedMay 2518:30Sinai RobinsThe covariogram and an extension of Siegel's formula
WedMay 2518:00Qinghai ZhongOn monoids of weighted zero-sum sequences
WedMay 2517:30Piotr MiskaOn (non-)realizibility of Stirling numbers
WedMay 2517:00Max Wenqiang XuOn a Turan conjecture and random multiplicative functions
WedMay 2515:30Jared Duker LichtmanA proof of the Erdos primitive set conjecture
WedMay 2515:00Peter Pal PachColouring the smooth numbers
WedMay 2514:30Jakub KoniecznyAutomatic semigroups
WedMay 2514:00Leonid FelCommutative monoid of self-dual symmetric polynomials
WedMay 2513:30Gabor SomlaiFuglede's conjecture, the one dimensional case
WedMay 2513:00Shruti S HegdeWeighted zero-sum constants and inverse results
TueMay 2420:30Ethan Patrick WhiteErdos' minimum overlap problem
TueMay 2420:00Chi Hoi YipAsymptotics for the number of directions determined by $[n] \times [n]$ in $\mathbb{F}_p^2$
TueMay 2419:30Johann ThielSolving the membership problem for certain subgroups of $SL_2(\mathbb{Z})$
TueMay 2419:00Li GuoRenormalization of quasisymmetric functions
TueMay 2418:30Benjamin BailyLarge sets are sumsets
TueMay 2418:00James SellersRelating the crank of a partition and smallest missing parts
TueMay 2417:30Krystian GajdzicaSome inequalities for the multicolor restricted partition function $p_\mathcal{A}(n,k)$
TueMay 2417:00Huy PhamHomogeneous structures in subset sums and applications
TueMay 2415:30Trevor D. WooleyShifted analogues of the divisor function
TueMay 2414:30Gautami BhowmikSiegel zeros under Goldbach conjectures
TueMay 2413:30Jorg BrudernBracketed ternary additive problems
TueMay 2413:00Emma BaileyLarge deviations of Selberg's central limit theorem
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