Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANT 2021)

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CUNY - Lehman College

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 24-May-2021 to 28-May-2021
Organizer: Mel Nathanson*
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This is the nineteenth in a series of annual workshops sponsored by the New York Number Theory Seminar on problems in combinatorial and additive number theory and related parts of mathematics.

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The conference program, list of speakers, and abstracts are posted on the external website.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriMay 2823:30Yaghoub RahimiEndpoint $\ell^p $ improving estimates for prime averages
FriMay 2823:00Brad IsaacsonThree imprimitive character sums
FriMay 2822:30Chi Hoi YipGauss sums and the maximum cliques in generalized Paley graphs of square order
FriMay 2822:00Shane ChernEuclidean billiard partitions
FriMay 2821:00Amanda FrancisSequences of integers related to resistance distance in structured graphs
FriMay 2820:30Mizan R. KhanTo count clean triangles we count on $imph$
FriMay 2820:00Danielle CoxA sequence arising from diffusion in graphs
FriMay 2819:30Joshua CooperUniform distribution and incidence theorems
FriMay 2818:30Alex IosevichUniform distribution and incidence theorems
FriMay 2818:00Krystian GajdzicaArithmetic properties of the restricted partition function p_A(n,k)
FriMay 2817:30Akshat MudgalAdditive energies on spheres
FriMay 2817:00Maciej UlasEqual values of certain partition functions via Diophantine equations
FriMay 2816:00George AndrewsSchmidt Type partitions and modular forms
FriMay 2815:30Ayesha HussainDistributions of Dirichlet character sums
FriMay 2815:00Tom SlatteryOn Fibonacci partitions
FriMay 2814:30Valerie BertheDynamics of Ostrowski's numeration: Limit laws and Hausdorff dimensions
FriMay 2814:00Karameh MuneerGeneralizations of B. Berggren and Price matrices
FriMay 2813:30Shalom EliahouOptimal bounds on the growth of iterated sumsets in abelian semigroups
FriMay 2813:00Louis-Pierre ArguinThe Fyodorov-Hiary-Keating conjecture
FriMay 2812:30Emma BaileyGeneralized moments and large deviations of random matrix polynomials and L-functions
FriMay 2812:00Paolo LeonettiOn Poissonian pair correlation sequences with few gaps
ThuMay 2723:30Kaylee WeatherspoonA description of edge-maximal separable unit distance graphs in the plane
ThuMay 2723:00Gabriela Araujo-PardoComplete colorings on circulant graphs and digraphs
ThuMay 2722:30Esther BanaianA generalization of Markov numbers
ThuMay 2722:00Ryan RonanAn asymptotic for the growth of Markoff-Hurwitz tuples
ThuMay 2721:00Anqi LiLocal properties of difference sets
ThuMay 2720:30Max Wenqiang XuDiscrepancy in modular arithmetic progressions
ThuMay 2720:00Karyn McLellanA problem on generating sets containing Fibonacci numbers
ThuMay 2719:30Thai Hoang LeBohr sets in sumsets
ThuMay 2718:30David GrynkiewiczCharacterizing infinite subsets of lattice points having finite-like behavior
ThuMay 2718:00Christian ElsholtzFermat's Last Theorem Implies Euclid's infinitude of primes
ThuMay 2717:30Mehdi MakhulThe Elekes-Szabo problem and the uniformity conjecture
ThuMay 2717:00Fatma KaraogluOn the number of lines of a smooth cubic surface
ThuMay 2716:00Jozsef BaloghOn the lower bound on Folkman cube
ThuMay 2715:30Paul BaginskiAbundant numbers, semigroup ideals, and nonunique factorization
ThuMay 2715:00Scott ChapmanWhen Is a Puiseux monoid atomic?
ThuMay 2714:30Yifan JingMinimal and nearly minimal measure expansions in connected locally compact groups
ThuMay 2713:30Oriol SerraTriangulations and the Brunn--Minkowski inequality
ThuMay 2713:00Qinghai ZhongOn product-one sequences over subsets of groups
ThuMay 2712:30Norbert HegyvariCommunication complexity, coding, and combinatorial number theory
ThuMay 2712:00Jinhui FangOn generalized perfect difference sumset
ThuMay 2711:30Javier PliegoUniform bounds in Waring's problem over diagonal forms
ThuMay 2700:00Ognian TrifonovExtreme covering systems of the integers
WedMay 2623:30Noah Lebowitz-LockardOn factorizations into distinct parts
WedMay 2623:00Brian McDonaldCycles of arbitrary length in distance graphs on $\mathbb{F}_q^d$
WedMay 2622:30Arthur Paul PedersenThe Hahn-H\" older theorem
WedMay 2622:00Geertrui Van de VoordeOn the product of elements with prescribed trace
WedMay 2621:00Steve MillerCompleteness of generalized Fibonacci sequences
WedMay 2620:30Richard MagnerClassifying partition regular polynomials in a nonlinear family
WedMay 2620:00Sinai RobinsThe null set of a of a polytope, and the Pompeiu property for polytopes
WedMay 2619:00Alex RiceTwo constructions related to well-known distance problems
WedMay 2618:30Paul PollackMultiplicative orders mod p
WedMay 2618:00Konstantin OlmezovOn additive energy of convex sets with higher concavity
WedMay 2617:30Zachary ChaseA random analogue of Gilbreath's conjecture
WedMay 2617:00Lajos HajduMultiplicative (in)decomposability of polynomial sequences
WedMay 2616:00Neil HindmanStrongly image partition regular matrices
WedMay 2615:30Sandor KissGeneralized Sidon sets of perfect powers
WedMay 2615:00Leonid FelGenera of numerical semigroups and polynomial identities for degrees of syzygies
WedMay 2614:30Pooja PunyaniOn characterizing small changes in the Frobenius number
WedMay 2614:00Emmanuel KowalskiSome families of Sidon sets arising in algebraic geometry
WedMay 2613:30Harald Andres HelfgottExpansion, divisibility and parity
WedMay 2613:00Oliver Roche-NewtonThe Elekes-Szabo Theorem and sum-product estimates for sparse graphs
WedMay 2612:30Carlo SannaAdditive bases and Niven numbers
WedMay 2612:00Sean EberhardThe apparent structure of dense Sidon sets
WedMay 2611:30Bhuwanesh Rao PatilMultiplicative patterns in syndetic sets
WedMay 2600:00Olivine SilierStructural Szemeredi-Trotter theorem for lattices
TueMay 2523:30Robert DonleyVandermonde convolution for ranked posets
TueMay 2523:00Russell Jay HendelSums of squares: Methods for proving identity families
TueMay 2522:30Robert Dougherty-BlissMore irrationally good approximations from Beukers integrals
TueMay 2522:00James SellersSequentially congruent partitions and partitions into squares
TueMay 2521:00Daniel G. GlasscockSums and intersections of multiplicatively invariant sets in the integers
TueMay 2520:30Jianping PanTableaux and polynomial expansions
TueMay 2520:00Souktik RoyGeneralized sums and products
TueMay 2519:30Robert VaughanOn generating functions in additive number theory
TueMay 2518:30Lan NguyenOn the existence of bi-Lipschitz equivalences and quasi-isometries between arithmetic metric spaces with word metrics and the local-global principle
TueMay 2518:00James WheelerIncidence theorems for modular hyperbolae in positive characteristic
TueMay 2517:30Michael CurranSumset structure, size, and Ehrhart theory
TueMay 2517:00Aliaksei SemchankauA new bound for A(A + A) for large sets
TueMay 2516:00Yuri TschinkelArithmetic properties of equivariant birational types
TueMay 2515:30Anne de RotonCritical sets with small sumset in R
TueMay 2515:00George ShakanA large gap in a dilate of a set
TueMay 2514:30I. D. ShkredovOn an application of higher energies to Sidon sets
TueMay 2513:30Imre Z. RuzsaAdditive decomposition of square-free numbers
TueMay 2513:00Jorg BrudernExpander estimates for cubes
TueMay 2512:30Arturas DubickasOn polynomial Sidon sequences
TueMay 2512:00Audie WarrenAdditive and multiplicative Sidon sets
MonMay 2423:30Tim TrudgianTwenty-four carats of Goldbach oscillations
MonMay 2423:00Catherine YanVector parking functions with rational boundary
MonMay 2422:30Kare Schou GjaldbaekClassification of quadratic packing polynomials on sectors of $\mathbb{R}^2$
MonMay 2422:00Steve SengerUpper and lower bounds on chains determined by angles
MonMay 2421:00Jeffrey LagariasPartial factorizations of a generalized product of binomial coefficients
MonMay 2420:30Robert HoughSubconvexity of the Shintani zeta functions
MonMay 2420:00Noah KravitzInverse problems for minimal complements
MonMay 2419:30Wolfgang SchmidSequences of sets over finite abelian groups and weighted zero-sum sequences
MonMay 2418:30Trevor Dion WooleyRudin, polynomials, and nested efficient congruencing
MonMay 2418:00Oleksiy KlurmanOn the ``variants" of the Erdos discrepancy problem
MonMay 2417:30Mikhail GabdullinSets whose differences avoid squares modulo m
MonMay 2417:00Aled WalkerEffective results on the size and structure of sumsets
MonMay 2416:00Zoltan FurediAn upper bound on the size of Sidon sets
MonMay 2415:30Sophie StevensOn sumsets of convex functions
MonMay 2415:00Misha RudnevOn distinct values of bilinear forms, cross-ratios, etc.
MonMay 2414:30Mel NathansonSidon systems for linear forms and the Bose-Chowla argument
MonMay 2413:30Sergei KonyaginGaps between totients
MonMay 2413:00Peter BradshawEnergy bounds for k-fold sums in very convex sets
MonMay 2412:30Peter Pal PachSum-full sets are not zero-sum-free
MonMay 2412:00Sean PrendivilleExtremal Sidon sets are Fourier uniform, with arithmetic applications
FriJun 0520:30Alex IosevichOn discrete and continuous variants of the distance graph
FriJun 0520:00Dylan KingDistribution of missing sums in correlated sumsets
FriJun 0519:30Noah LuntzlaraSets arising as minimal additive complements in the integers
FriJun 0519:00Gabriel ConantSmall tripling with forbidden bipartite configurations
FriJun 0518:30Jing-Jing HuangDiophantine approximation on affine subspaces
FriJun 0518:00James SellersGarden of Eden partitions for Bulgarian and Austrian solitaire
FriJun 0517:30Brian HopkinsRestricted multicompositions
FriJun 0517:00Harald HelfgottOptimality of the logarithmic upper-bound sieve, with explicit estimates
FriJun 0516:00Fei PengDistribution of missing differences in diffsets
FriJun 0515:30Giorgis PetridisA question of Bukh on sums of dilates
FriJun 0515:00Christian ElsholtzSums of unit fractions
FriJun 0514:30Arie BialostockiZero-sum Ramsey theory: Origins, present, and future
FriJun 0514:00Shalom EliahouSome recent results on Wilf's conjecture
FriJun 0513:30Sukumar Das AdhikariWeighted generalization of a theorem of Gao
FriJun 0513:00Yonutz V. StanchescuStructural results for small doubling sets in 3-dimensional Euclidean space
ThuJun 0420:30Javier SantiagoOn permutation binomials of index $q^{e-1}+q^{e-2}+\cdots+1$
ThuJun 0420:00Chi Hoi YipOn the clique number of Paley graphs of prime power order
ThuJun 0419:30Ethan WhiteDirections in $AG(2,p)$ and the clique number of Paley graphs
ThuJun 0419:00Sandra Kingan$H$-critical graphs
ThuJun 0418:30Robert W. Donley, Jr.Semi-magic matrices for dihedral groups
ThuJun 0418:00Neil HindmanTensor products in $\beta({\mathbb N}\times{\mathbb N})$
ThuJun 0417:30Daniel GlasscockUniformity in the dimension of sumsets of $p$- and $q$-invariant sets, with applications in the integers
ThuJun 0417:00Renling JinSzemeredi's theorem, nonstandardized and simplified
ThuJun 0416:00Akshat MudgalArithmetic combinatorics on Vinogradov systems
ThuJun 0415:30Trevor WooleyCondensation and densification for sets of large diameter
ThuJun 0415:00Sophie StevensAn update on the sum-product problem
ThuJun 0414:30Senia SheydvassarA twisted Euclidean algorithm
ThuJun 0414:00Oliver Roche-NewtonHigher convexity and iterated sum sets
ThuJun 0413:30Sandor KissSidon sets and bases
ThuJun 0413:00Florian LucaPrime factors of the Ramanujan $\tau$-function
WedJun 0320:30Josiah SugarmanOn the spectrum of the Conway-Radin operator
WedJun 0320:00Wladimir PribitkinRecounting partitions in memory of Freeman Dyson
WedJun 0319:30Hamed MousaviA class of sums with unexpectedly high cancellation
WedJun 0319:00Michael FilasetaTwo excursions in digitally delicate primes
WedJun 0318:30Kevin O'BryantRigorous proofs of stupid inequalities
WedJun 0318:00Nathan McNewPrimitive sets in function fields
WedJun 0317:30Jared Duker LichtmanThe Erdos primitive set conjecture
WedJun 0317:00Carl PomeranceSymmetric primes
WedJun 0315:30Jakub KoniecznyAutomatic multiplicative sequences
WedJun 0315:00Amanda MontejanoZero-sum squares in bounded discrepancy $\{-1,1\}$-matrices
WedJun 0314:30Bhuwanesh Rao PatilGeometric progressions in syndetic sets
WedJun 0314:00Oriol SerraExtremal sets for Freiman's theorem
WedJun 0313:30Angel KumchevBounds for discrete maximal functions of codimension 3
WedJun 0313:00Yong-Gao ChenOn a problem of Erdos, Nathanson and Sarkozy
TueJun 0220:30Brad IsaacsonFormulas for some exponential and trigonometric character sums
TueJun 0220:00Huixi LiOn the connection between the Goldbach conjecture and the Elliott-Halberstam conjecture
TueJun 0219:30Ariane MasudaRedei permutations with cycles of length $1$ and $p$
TueJun 0219:00William KeithPart-frequency matrices of partitions: New developments and related bijections
TueJun 0218:30Pablo SoberonThe topological Tverberg problem beyond prime powers
TueJun 0218:00I.D. ShkredovGrowth in Chevalley groups and some applications
TueJun 0217:30George ShakanAn analytic approach to the cardinality of sumsets
TueJun 0217:00Norbert HegyvariHilbert cubes meet arithmetic sets
TueJun 0215:30George E. AndrewsSeparable integer partition (SIP) classes
TueJun 0215:00Leonid FelA sum of negative degrees of the gaps values in two-generated numerical semigroups and identities for the Hurwitz zeta function
TueJun 0214:30Lajos HajduSkolem's conjecture for a family of exponential equations
TueJun 0214:00Gautami BhowmikNon-vanishing of products of $L$-functions
TueJun 0213:30Kare GjaldbaekNoninjectivity of nonzero discriminant polynomials and applications to packing polynomials
TueJun 0213:00Paolo LeonettiOn the density of sumsets
MonJun 0120:30Jeffrey C. LagariasPartial factorizations of products of binomial coefficients
MonJun 0120:00Steve SengerPoint configurations determined by dot products
MonJun 0119:30Wolfgang SchmidPlus-minus weighted zero-sum sequences and applications to factorizations of norms of quadratic integers
MonJun 0119:00Michael BennettDifferences between perfect powers
MonJun 0118:30Theresa C. AndersonHow numbers interact with curves
MonJun 0118:00Alex CohenA Sylvester-Gallai result in the complex plane
MonJun 0117:30Thai Hoang LeAdditive bases in infinite abelian semigroups, II
MonJun 0117:00Pierre-Yves BienvenuAdditive bases in infinite abelian semigroups, I
MonJun 0116:00Michael CurranEhrhart theory and an explicit version of Khovanskii's theorem
MonJun 0115:30Arindam BiswasOn minimal complements and co-minimal pairs in groups
MonJun 0115:00Alfred GeroldingerZero-sum sequences over finite abelian groups and their sets of lengths
MonJun 0114:30Aled WalkerA tight structure theorem for sumsets
MonJun 0114:00Peter Pal PachCounting subsets avoiding certain multiplicative configurations
MonJun 0113:30Mel NathansonFundamental theorems in additive number theory
MonJun 0113:00Robert HoughThe 15 puzzle problem
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