Big Data in Pure Mathematics 2022

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Boston University

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 21-May-2022 to 22-May-2022
Organizer: Benjamin Matschke*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SunMay 2219:30Stephen D. MillerThe Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations
SunMay 2219:00Andrew V. SutherlandEnumerating mathematical objects via cloud computing
SunMay 2218:00David RoeThe L-functions and modular forms database
SunMay 2217:30open discussionDiversity and inclusion
SunMay 2216:00Andreas PaffenholzpolyDB: A database for geometric objects
SunMay 2215:30Martin RubeyFindStat
SunMay 2214:30Hadrien MélotVisualizing and manipulating PHOEG data to explore extremal properties of graphs
SunMay 2214:00Jan GoedgebeurHouse of Graphs: a database of interesting graphs
SatMay 2119:30open discussionOpen discussion
SatMay 2119:00William SteinWays to Share Mathematical Computations and Data using CoCalc
SatMay 2118:00Alex J. BestMathematical results as structured data
SatMay 2117:30Kevin M. Buzzardmathlib: a database of mathematical proofs
SatMay 2116:00Fredrik JohanssonFungrim: a semantic library of mathematical functions
SatMay 2115:30Urs SchreiberThe nLab project - past and possible future
SatMay 2114:30Alexander M. Kasprzyk, Gavin BrownCombining databases in the classification of Fano varieties
SatMay 2114:00Simon PlouffeThe inverter
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