Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit Spring 2020 workshop

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general relativity and quantum cosmology

Description: Training for users of the Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit
Audience: researchers in topic
Conference dates: Mon May 25 to Wed May 27
Organizer: Barry Wardell*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueMay 2610:00Leanne DurkanMST and Regge-Wheeler
TueMay 2610:45Barry WardellCalculation of energy fluxes for spinning bodies
TueMay 2611:30Multiple speakersShort presentations by attendees
TueMay 2612:30Chris MunnaPost-Newtonian Self-force
TueMay 2613:15Scott HughesGremlin
TueMay 2614:30Peter DienerTime-domain Self-force with a Discontinuous Galerkin Code
TueMay 2615:15Michael KatzEMRI Kludge Suite
WedMay 2710:00Barry WardellIntroduction to Toolkit Development
WedMay 2712:00Alessandro NagarTowards GSF-informed EOB waveforms for eccentric EMRIs
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonMay 2515:15Leo SteinQuasinormal modes with qnm
MonMay 2514:30Scott FieldEMRI Surrogate
MonMay 2513:15Maarten van de MeentKerrGeodesics
MonMay 2512:30Seth HopperGeneralRelativityTensors
MonMay 2511:15Eric Gourgoulhonkerrgeodesic_gw
MonMay 2510:45Niels WarburtonSpinWeightedSpheroidalHarmonics
MonMay 2510:05Barry WardellIntroduction to the Black Hole Perturbation Toolkit
MonMay 2510:00Vojtech WitzanyWelcome and introduction
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