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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 04-Oct-2021 to 08-Oct-2021
Organizers: Ondra Hulik, Joris Raeymaekers*, Gizem Şengör, Constantinos Skordis, Gideon Vos, Dominika Vyštejnová
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This workshop is about the three different signs of the cosmological constant, the three resulting maximally symmetric spacetimes and their correspondence with conformal field theory. We are bringing together experts on these three aspects of holography to discuss and exchange ideas leading towards its broader understanding. The workshop targets a broad audience of senior researchers as well as postdocs and PhD students. We have scheduled four pedagogical review talks, six technical talks and four panel discussions on Zoom. Ample time has been set aside for discussion sessions using Zoom break-out rooms and Gather Town.

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