JAMI 2022: Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry

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algebraic geometry

Johns Hopkins University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 03-May-2022 to 08-May-2022
Organizers: Christopher Hacon, Chenyang Xu, Jingjun Han*
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Past talks
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SunMay 0814:50Yujiro KawamataDeformations over non-commutative base
SunMay 0813:30Harold BlumModuli of Fano varieties with complements
SatMay 0721:00Giulia SaccàModuli spaces on K3 categories are Irreducible Symplectic Varieties
SatMay 0720:00Lena JiThe Noether–Lefschetz theorem in arbitrary characteristic
SatMay 0718:30Ziquan ZhuangBoundedness of singularities and minimal log discrepancies of Kollár components
SatMay 0717:30Claire VoisinA topological characterization of hyper-Kähler fourfolds of Hilb2(K3) type
SatMay 0714:50Jihun ParkSasaki-Einstein 5-manifolds
SatMay 0713:30Miles ReidGodeaux surfaces in mixed chacteristic
FriMay 0621:00Vyacheslav ShokurovBoundedness and finiteness
FriMay 0620:00Jihao LiuOn Shokurov's ACC conjecture for mlds in dimension 3
FriMay 0618:30Joaquín MoragaCoregularity of Fano varieties
FriMay 0617:30James McKernanTBA
FriMay 0614:50Angela GibneyVector bundles on the moduli space of curves from representations of VOAs
FriMay 0613:30Paolo CasciniOn the Minimal Model Program for foliations
ThuMay 0521:00Yuchen LiuACC for local volumes and boundedness of singularities
ThuMay 0520:00Yusuke NakamuraInversion of adjunction for quotient singularities
ThuMay 0518:30Kristin deVlemingA conjecture of Mori and families of plane curves
ThuMay 0517:30Shihoko IshiiLiftings of ideals in positive chatacteristic to characteristic 0
ThuMay 0514:50Ivan CheltsovK-moduli of one-parameter families of smooth Fano threefolds
ThuMay 0513:30János KollárModuli of varieties
WedMay 0401:00Chen JiangAlgebraic reverse Khovanskii--Teissier inequality via Okounkov bodies
WedMay 0400:00Osamu FujinoVanishing theorems for projective morphisms between complex analytic spaces
TueMay 0315:00Antonella GrassiKodaira's birational classification of singular elliptic fibers on threefolds
TueMay 0314:00Yuri ProkhorovSingular Del Pezzo varieties
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