International seminar for young researchers "Algebraic, combinatorial and toric topology"

algebraic topology

Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 17-Dec-2020 to 18-Dec-2020
Organizer: Denis Gorodkov*
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Past talks
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FriDec 1816:40Roman KrutowskiBasic de Rham cohomology of manifolds with maximal torus action
FriDec 1815:50Ivan LimonchenkoNew parametric families of graph-associahedra arising in toric topology
FriDec 1814:50Matthew StaniforthDuality in Toric Topology
FriDec 1814:00George SimmonsOne-relator loop homology algebras of moment-angle complexes
FriDec 1810:35George ChernykhSU-linear operations in complex cobordism and c_1-spherical bordism theory
FriDec 1809:40Mikhail GorskyBraid varieties, torus actions and stratifications
FriDec 1808:50Lisu WuThe integral homology of Coxeter cellular complexes
FriDec 1807:50Jingfang LianThe alpha invariant of twisted Milnor hypersurfaces
FriDec 1807:00Jongbaek SongToric varieties associated with partitioned weight polytopes
ThuDec 1716:40Steven AmelotteThe minimal Hirsch-Brown model for moment-angle complexes
ThuDec 1715:50Simon ReaHomotopy types of gauge groups of PU(p)-bundles over spheres
ThuDec 1714:50Holly PavelingTBA
ThuDec 1714:00Guy BoydeA K-theory criterion for p-hyperbolicity
ThuDec 1713:05Igor SpiridonovOn the structure of the top homology group of the Johnson kernel
ThuDec 1710:35Denis GorodkovA combinatorial formula for the first Pontryagin class in terms of combinatorial curvature redistribution
ThuDec 1709:40Zixi WangDistinguishing 4-dimensional geometries via profinite completions
ThuDec 1708:50Semyon AbramyanOn homology of the MSU spectrum
ThuDec 1707:50Tatsuya HoriguchiTopics on Hessenberg varieties
ThuDec 1707:00Hiroaki IshidaHolomorphic foliations and transversal real sub manifolds in Kahler manifolds
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