Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS XIV)

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cryptography and security algebraic geometry number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 29-Jun-2020 to 04-Jul-2020
Organizer: Steven Galbraith*
Curator: Andrew Sutherland*
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Registration is now open. Registration is free but required to access the chat and livestream.

This is a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous conference with several ways to participate.

The invited talks will be recorded and made available via the "video" link after the talk is over. None of the other sessions will be recorded.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatJul 0417:30Divesh Aggarwal and Emmanuel ThoméContinuing discussion with session 10 speakers and closing
SatJul 0417:00Daniel E. MartinShort vector problems and simultaneous approximation
SatJul 0416:30Carl Bootland, Wouter Castryck, and Frederik VercauterenOn the security of the multivariate ring learning with errors problem
SatJul 0416:00Claus Fieker and Emmanuel ThoméContinuing discussion with the invited speaker
SatJul 0415:00Andrew Booker33 and all that
SatJul 0414:45Andrea Basso, Péter Kutas, Simon-Philipp Merz, Christophe Petit, and Charlotte WeitkämperOn adaptive attacks against Jao-Urbanik's isogeny-based protocol
SatJul 0414:35Jared AsuncioComputing the Hilbert class field of primitive quartic CM fields
SatJul 0414:25Semyon NovoselovCounting points on hyperelliptic curves with geometrically split Jacobians
SatJul 0414:00Claus Fieker and Elena KirshanovaContinuing discussions with session 9 speakers
SatJul 0414:00Luca De FeoCoffee break: isogeny-based cost action
SatJul 0413:30Jean-Sébastien Coron, Luca Notarnicola, and Gabor WieseSimultaneous diagonalization of incomplete matrices and applications
SatJul 0413:00Thomas Espitau and Paul KirchnerThe nearest-colattice algorithm: time-approximation tradeoff for approx-CVP
FriJul 0319:00Kiran KedlayaCoffee break: Social justice free-for-all
FriJul 0318:10Kiran Kedlaya and Renate ScheidlerSelfridge prize, followed by business meeting
FriJul 0317:00Rachel PriesPrincipal polarizations and Shimura data for families of cyclic covers of the projective line
FriJul 0316:30David Kohel and Marco StrengContinuing discussions with session 8 speakers
FriJul 0316:30Enric Florit and Annamaria IezziCoffee break: Meet the baby ants
FriJul 0316:30David RoePuppy break
FriJul 0316:00Andrew SutherlandCounting points on superelliptic curves in average polynomial time
FriJul 0315:30Wouter Castryck and Floris VermeulenLifting low-gonal curves for use in Tuitman's algorithm
FriJul 0315:00Luca De Feo, Dan Gordon, Victor Miller, and Michael NaehrigCoffee break: there's a life outside of academia!
FriJul 0315:00Joshua HoldenCoffee break: Cryptography and number theory research for undergraduates
FriJul 0315:00David Kohel and Marco StrengContinuing discussion with session 8 speakers
FriJul 0314:30Novak Kaluderovic, Thorsten Kleinjung, and Dusan KosticCryptanalysis of the generalised Legendre pseudorandom function
FriJul 0314:00Ashish Dwivedi and Nitin SaxenaComputing Igusa's local zeta function of univariates in deterministic polynomial-time
ThuJul 0220:30Reinier Broker and Christelle VincentContinuing discussions with session 7 speakers
ThuJul 0220:30Chloe MartindaleCoffee break: Cards against cryptography
ThuJul 0220:00Edgar Costa, Kiran S. Kedlaya, and David RoeHypergeometric L-functions in average polynomial time
ThuJul 0219:30Gustavo Rama and Gonzalo TornaríaComputation of paramodular forms
ThuJul 0219:00Nils BruinCoffee break: computational arithmetic geometry
ThuJul 0219:00Andrew ShallueCoffee break: small universities
ThuJul 0218:00David JaoIsogeny-based cryptography: past, present, and future
ThuJul 0217:30Wouter Castryck and Chloe MartindaleContinuing discussions with session 6 speakers
ThuJul 0217:00Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Anna Haensch, John Voight, and Wessel van WoerdenA canonical form for positive definite matrices
ThuJul 0216:30Bogdan Adrian Dina and Sorina IonicaGenus 3 hyperelliptic curves with CM via Shimura reciprocity
ThuJul 0216:00Daniel J. Bernstein, Luca De Feo, Antonin Leroux, and Benjamin SmithFaster computation of isogenies of large prime degree
WedJul 0121:30Brendan Creutz and Felipe VolochRump session
WedJul 0121:20Michael Naehrig and Joppe BosRemembering Peter Montgomery
WedJul 0121:00John VoightContinuing discussions with the invited speaker
WedJul 0121:00Kiran KedlayaCoffee break: ask me anything
WedJul 0120:00Felipe VolochCommitment schemes and Diophantine equations
WedJul 0119:30Steven GalbraithCoffee break: ask me anything
WedJul 0119:30Alina Ostafe and Katherine StangeContinuing discussions with session 5 speakers
WedJul 0119:30Luca De Feo, David Roe, and Mckenzie WestCoffee: Computational software for number theory
WedJul 0119:00Brianna Sorenson, Jonathan Sorenson, and Jonathan WebsterAn algorithm and estimates for the Erdős-Selfridge function
WedJul 0118:30Emerald StacyTotally $p$-adic numbers of degree 3
WedJul 0118:00Jacqueline Anderson, Michelle Manes, and Bella TobinCubic post-critically finite polynomials defined over $\mathbb Q$
TueJun 3021:40Yinan ZhangCoffee break: general
TueJun 3021:30Samuel Dobson, Steven D. Galbraith, and Benjamin SmithTrustless construction of groups of unknown order with hyperelliptic curves [poster]
TueJun 3021:20Eric Bach and Jonathan SorensonGenerating smooth numbers with known factorization uniformly at random
TueJun 3021:10Mingjie Chen, Kiran Kedlaya, and Jun Bo LauColeman integration on modular curves
TueJun 3020:00Isabel VogtArithmetic and geometry of Brill--Noether loci of curves
TueJun 3019:30Felipe VolochCoffee break
TueJun 3019:30Tom Fisher and Jen PaulhusContinuing discussions with session 4 speakers
TueJun 3019:00Evan MacNeil, Michael J. Jacobson, and Renate ScheidlerDivisor class group arithmetic on non-hyperelliptic genus 3 curves
TueJun 3018:30Noam Elkies and Zev KlagsbrunNew rank records for elliptic curves having rational torsion
TueJun 3018:00Katherine Stange and Renate ScheidlerCoffee break: Women in numbers
TueJun 3018:00Tom Fisher and Jen PaulhusContinuing discussions with session 3 speakers
TueJun 3017:30Nils Bruin and Daniel LewisTwo-cover descent on plane quartics with rational bitangents
TueJun 3017:00Frank Calegari, Shiva Chidambaram, and David P. RobertsAbelian surfaces with fixed 3-torsion
TueJun 3001:45Steven GalbraithDay one wrap up: feedback and suggestions
TueJun 3001:20Edgar Costa and Kiran KedlayaCoffee break: general
TueJun 3001:20Alexandre WalletCoffee break: the students room
TueJun 3001:20Brendan Creutz and Felipe VolochContinuing discussions with session 2 speakers
TueJun 3000:45Momonari Kudo, Shushi Harashita, and Everett HoweAlgorithms to enumerate superspecial Howe curves of genus four
TueJun 3000:10Toshiyuki Katsura and Katsuyuki TakashimaCounting Richelot isogenies between superspecial abelian surfaces
MonJun 2923:00David HarveyRecent results on fast multiplication
MonJun 2922:30Edgar Costa and Kiran KedlayaCoffee break: general
MonJun 2922:30Alexandre WalletCoffee break: the students room
MonJun 2922:30Luca de Feo, Christelle Vincent, McKenzie West, and David RoeCoffee break: NT software lullaby
MonJun 2922:30Steven Galbraith and Christophe PetitContinuing discussions with session 1 speakers
MonJun 2921:45Kirsten Eisenträger, Sean Hallgren, Chris Leonardi, Travis Morrison, and Jennifer ParkComputing endomorphism rings of supersingular elliptic curves and connections to pathfinding in isogeny graphs
MonJun 2921:10Jonathan Love and Dan BonehSupersingular curves with small non-integer endomorphisms
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